MEDISCOPE C – A New Way of Diagnosing and Treating Patients

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Mediscope C, a clinical photography device by Korean med-tech company F&D Partners, will take medical imaging to the next level!

A CES Innovation Award winner for two consecutive years has gained some attention in the medical healthcare industry. Mediscope C, by Korean med-tech company F&D Partners, is the most innovative clinical imaging device.

MEDISCOPE C by F&D Partners

F&D Partners is specialized in healthcare diagnostics through deep data and technology. All of their products are based on advanced medical healthcare, including Mediscope. It is a clinical photography device that physicians can use for various purposes. For instance, medical centers can use Mediscope C in plastic surgery, dermatology and orthopedics, and rehabilitation medicine.

This Korean product is basically a helping hand of the institutions that deal in clinical photography management of human appearance. Medicscope C is integrated into a camera, and its data is transmitted wirelessly. Moreover, Mediscope C manages, stores, and classifies the data. As a result, clinical photos are clearer and save up management costs. In addition, medical environments have also become more ideal.

The type of clinical photo format that is the best for patients and physicians is DICOM standard format. However, most clinical photographs do not support this format. As a result, the transmit, retrieve, print, process, and store do not meet international standards. Mediscope C supports the DICOM standard format, thus following international standards as well. However, the medical imaging of Mediscope C does not directly produces the DICOM standard.

Mediscope C is integrated with the EMR system used in many hospitals. The system manages patients and other information regarding diseases. The EMR system of Medicscope C converts the imaging into DIOCOM standard by combining the image and the patient’s information.  

Protecting Patient Information

Protecting patients’ information is crucial to ensure privacy inside and outside of the medical institution. Moreover, it plays an important role in providing quality healthcare to patients. 

Healthcare providers must ensure that they follow all the ethics and duties regarding safeguarding the patient’s data. Moreover, they should also follow all protocols and be aware of any security breaches in personal data and how to deal with them. 

Institutions must advertise their values on privacy and security measures. Only then will patients feel comfortable opting for any treatment that requires them to share personal information. On the other hand, a lack of privacy measures leads to a lack of trust in the patients. Overall, the relationship between the healthcare provider and the healthcare system deteriorates. 

Mediscope C has advanced technology that tackles patients’ problems with regard to the full safety of their privacy and well-being. Clinical imaging and information produced by Mediscope C are protected. The product detects and inputs the disease’s location through a 3D body map. This technology separates human appearance into different interesting indexes.

The 3D body map is produced via surface-level anatomy. This is a widely used technique and is a standard for collaboration between dermatology and plastic surgery.

In conclusion, all medical healthcare providers must practice the latest protocols and methods to ensure privacy. They need to maintain the quality of practices they follow regularly. Moreover, the latest operational tools must be used for handling sensitive medical records of patients. 

Compatible with existing cameras

Using a USB cable, users can mount or connect the Korean startup product Mediscope C. Integrating the clinical photography device into any existing camera is simple and easy. All the data and information are transmitted into Mediscope C wirelessly. Thus, providing a lossless and smart clinical imaging environment. There are dozens of ways in which medical centers can get benefit from it. 

Medicsope C has an excellent battery life with up to 10 hours of usage time. It weighs 290 grams which are lightweight. On top of that, moving the clinical imaging information to other devices like PC is fast and easy. There is no requirement to purchase additional tools and equipment. 

The cameras in which you can integrate Mediscope C are DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Storage options include disease location with a 3D body map. Instantly categorizes the imaging into different unique indexes. Moreover, it also seamlessly converts images into DIOCOM standard format with the help of an EMR system. Lastly, there is a systematic operation of clinical photographs in DermPACs. 

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