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KoreaProductPost came into existence in 2019 as a small part of the beSUCCESS Media Group to share all about the excellence of Korean products, ranging from the favorites – beauty and fashion to tech and lifestyle.

Today, Korean products are not just a trend, but they are everywhere. It may have started with the country displaying its cultural prowess through K-pop legends like Psy (for Gangnam Style), Blackpink, or BTS (who need no introduction), but Korea is rich with other sources of pride, such as Korean skincare, beauty, fashion, cuisine, technology, and even entertainment.

Whether you are exploring Korean products for the first time or a returning fan of amazing Korean products, you will find all you need to know about a great many categories of products on KoreaProductPost.

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KoreaProductPost is committed to delivering the best Korean products to the global audience. Our goal is to make people aware of the best Korean products and that the Hallyu culture is not just a trend, but it is here to stay! We feature promising products so that you can get to know more about the best ones in the market. We also feature the upcoming and new launches by the Korean industries so you can try something new.

At KoreaProductPost, we understand the dynamic and vibrant nature of the Korean consumer market. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Korean brands and international buyers. Whether you’re seeking the latest in K-beauty, fashion, innovative tech gadgets, or exquisite culinary experiences, we are your trusted partner in exploring and connecting with the finest Korean products.

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KoreaProductPost Editorial Team

Anyaa Mittal

Anyaa is a versatile writer passionate about capturing the diverse facets of Korean lifestyle, beauty, fashion, tech, and everything in between. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant streets of Seoul, uncovering the latest beauty trends, curating fashion inspiration, or delving into the world of cutting-edge technology, readers are always captivated and informed.

Choi Ji-min

jimin koreaproductpost writer

Ji-Min is a fashion writer and trendsetter who is constantly on the lookout for the latest fashion movements in Korea. He showcases the unique styles, emerging designers, and fashion events that shape the Korean fashion scene. Through his detailed analysis and style guides, he inspires readers to experiment, embrace individuality, and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Park Jong-dae

jongdae koreaproductpost writer

Jong-dae is a tech enthusiast and writer with a deep fascination for the world of Korean technology. With a knack for breaking down complex concepts into accessible language, Jong-dae brings the latest developments in Korean tech to readers in an engaging and informative manner.

Lee Jong-in

lee jongin koreaproductpost writer

Jong-in is a lifestyle writer and cultural connoisseur who celebrates the multifaceted aspects of Korean culture. With a passion for art, music, cuisine, and travel, Jong-in’s writing is a hub for exploring the vibrant cultural scene in Korea.

Kang Ji-hun

kang jihun koreaproductpost writer

Ji-hun is a versatile writer and lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for all things Korea. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, Ji-hun brings the vibrant essence of Korean lifestyle to readers through his engaging articles.


beSUCCESS Media Group is South Korea’s leading startup and tech media company headquartered in Seoul. The group has eleven brands dedicated to various sectors, ranging from Korean and international startup and tech news, trends, and opinions to Korean gaming, travel, tech, and K-pop!

The beSUCCESS Team

James Jung

James Jung beSUCCESS CEO

James Jung established beSUCCESS Media Group in 2012, which has been instrumental in aiding the international growth of Korean startups through events such as beGLOBAL Seoul and beGLOBAL Silicon Valley. During the last three years, through the 1 Billion Partners early-stage investment fund, he has contributed to the funding of approximately 30 startups, both Korean and international. His efforts focus on supporting these startups in their global scaling, securing additional investments, and promoting Korean offerings to a worldwide audience of consumers, investors, and purchasers.

Jinju Jeon

Jinju Jeon VP and Editor in chief besuccess

Jinju Jeon serves as the editor-in-chief at beSUCCESS and spearheads the beGLOBAL Startup Global Conference in both Korea and the United States. Utilizing her extensive international network in the startup media landscape, she plays a crucial role in helping Korean startups obtain investments and expand their reach globally. Recognized for her INTJ personality type, Jeon is also passionate about news, is developing her coding skills, and identifies as a libertarian.

Vallabh Rao

vallabh rao besuccess

Vallabh Rao brings over 13 years of expertise in marketing and communications, with a background spanning media, startups, and corporate sectors. He is instrumental in enhancing the editorial quality of the group’s English-language media outlets. His proficiency in media, business development, and marketing tactics has been a major factor in the advancement and achievements of beSUCCESS Media Group. An avid traveler, Rao has explored more than 55 countries and has lived in diverse locations including Cambodia, South Korea, Germany, China, and the United States.

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