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Top 6 South Korean Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

korean fashion influencers

From the land of viral fashion trends and elaborate skin care rituals, here are 6 Korean fashion influencers that you need to follow! 

South Korean fashion influencers are like celebrities in their playing fields. It is a given, especially from a country that is well known for its viral fashion trends and some elaborate 10-step skin care rituals. From making guest appearances to representing big brands, these fashion influencers do it all! Some of them are into modeling; some have launched their own labels; there is no stopping these Korean key opinion leaders when it comes to fashion. 

korean fashion influencers
Korean Fashion Influencers

Most of these Korean fashion influencers earn upwards of 10 million won ($82,000) for a single promotional post on Instagram. Instagram has grown to become the 2nd largest social media platform in Korea, with over 10 million Monthly-Active-Users. 

Irene Kim @ireneisgood

1.7 million Instagram followers

Irene Kim does not do things by half. In a recent interview with Vogue, she shared her 25-step beauty ritual. Yes, there are 25 steps! She uses a refrigerated spoon for sculpting. She also has her fashion label, @ireneisgoodlabel. The clothes from the label are colorful, comfortable, and simple. She has also appeared on the runways of Seoul Fashion Week and is well known for her fun hair color choices. Labels like Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder have used Irene Kim as a Korean fashion influencer to promote in Asian markets. She has a very loyal following in China.

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Risabae @risabae_art

1 million Instagram followers

Her works are not just makeup looks; they are like works of art! If youโ€™ve never watched Risabaeโ€™s makeup transformation videos, you are missing out on something great. You will be stunned by the transformations. She has worked with several international brands like Tom Ford, Chanel, MAC Cosmetics, and many more. Whatever brand you can think of, she has probably worked with that one. And whatโ€™s there not to like? She is an excellent Korean influencer who does some great work!

Park Sora @sora_pppp

1 million Instagram followers

Korean fashion influencer Park Sora is a Korean fashion brand Stylenanda model and quite popular amongst the Korean fashion community. She is one of the biggest ambassadors of the Korean makeup brand 3CE. Her style is effortless and elegant, and her skin is just amazing! She is also a fan of traveling to exotic places. In her fashion inspirations, she experiments with cool, sexy, and casual looks for all types of clothing from swimwear to business wear.

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Kim Won-joong @keemwj

336,700 Instagram followers

Kim Won-joong is the first Asian male model to walk on the runway for Prada. This event kicked off his presence in the international fashion scene. As a Korean fashion influencer, he was so successful that he launched his very own label, @87mm_official. The clothing line focusses on streetwear, and so does his Instagram feed. His fashion style is simple streetwear yet couture. He has one of the leading shows at Seoul Fashion Week every season.

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Song Hae-Na @songhaena

207,808 Instagram followers

She is a former contestant of Koreaโ€™s Next Top Model cycle 2. After her reality show, she has become one of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. Her fashion choices lean towards casual with a twist. Song Hae-Na also models for major brands and fashion houses like Chanel. As far as her fashion inspiration, she continually experiments with different looks โ€“ cool, sexy, and elegant. She is also a health nut, so you can also be inspired by her fitness routines!

Sunghoon Jang @ jsunghoon

191,546 Instagram followers

Another male Korean fashion influencer who is famous for his eclectic mixture of suits, loose-fitting shirts, leather jackets, and other sleek jackets. He is one of the top Instagram male fashion influencers in Korea and a perfect source of style inspiration for the younger generation.

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