Zepeto: The Best South Korean 3D Avatar Platform

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Experience the virtual world by creating your own avatar on Zepeto, where you can be anything you want as it’s a space without limits!

While the world shrinks into the palm, the desire for popularity and visibility expands. An aspect of life includes the need to become a different person that people would appreciate and like. This need paves the way for the development of avatars in the online world. It is a space where you can develop a virtual character and give it any look or style you wish. People usually select an avatar that is contrary to their personality or something they aspire to become. A Korean app known as Zepeto has gained popularity in recent times for providing this service. The new generation is its largest fanbase and creates avatars in this space.

What is Zepeto? 

Founded in 2018 in Korea, Zepeto is an app that works with both Androids and iPhones. The App’s founders wanted to give people a platform to create a 3D version of themselves and dress it up. Camp Mobiles is the South Korean company that developed this App along with Snow.  Naver is the parent company of Snow, and now Zepeto comes under Naver Z. While Korea boasts of using this App to the fullest, China is the fastest-growing new market for this technology. With generation Z trying to create out-of-this-world personas for themselves, its popularity is soaring every day. 

Join In The Virtual World To Be Anything You Want

Zepeto comes with a plethora of offerings under its belt, and you can keep yourself occupied on it all day long. To start, all you need to do is download the App and either take or upload a selfie on it. The digital code in the app analysis your selfie and gives you avatars that match your facial features. You should select the one you think fits you the best. You will next move to adorn your 3D manifestations with accessories, clothes, and other virtual things. Once you decide on a look and hair color, it is time to expose your digital self to the virtual world. 

The App offers many ways in which your avatar can interact with others. You can select Zepeto’s social networking function to begin. With this function, you can meet new people and interact with your friends, like other famous online spaces. You need to own a large network for this purpose and stay active on this platform to gather more people. Zepeto also provides a gaming zone where people can take up multiplayer games, and their avatar can play alongside others and make new friends. One of the best features of this App is that it allows you to use your avatars on other online platforms as well. You can create your best version on Zepeto and then use it as your WhatsApp picture. It also has tie-ups with other social media portals that allow you to showcase your avatar and get people talking. 

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Future of Zepeto

Zepeto hit the market with a bang in 2018, and the fandom it gathered was beyond comprehension. With a stronghold in its home market, it clocked in 150 million users as of May 2020. This App also changed its offerings with the fast-paced market, and its popularity drew in many celebrities. Zepeto partners with brands like Nike and Disney to bring people virtual apparel from these companies. While the users get most content free, some premium items come with a price tag. Zepeto also encashed with the selling of these virtual items and sold a total of 600 million, making 10 million dollars so far.

Its latest offering is the Zaizai Studio, where you can get things from other third-party stores. It allows the users to adorn branded clothes and items that they may not get in real life. One of their latest brand collaborations is with the famous pop group BTS. Working with other apps is a lucrative way of boosting visibility and revenue inflow for such platforms. Zepeto’s founders intend to take up this method and get more users to their App. 

In The End!

Everyday life is tough, and it is difficult for people to stay prime and proper throughout it. The virtual world makes an ideal platform for achieving such unrealistic life goals. Creating a lovable avatar is the best way to attract people’s attention, and Zepeto allows you to do just that. If you have not explored this App yet, hurry and make your virtual self stand out.

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