10Minds Motion Pillow – A Smart Anti-Snore Award-Winning Pillow from Korea

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When CES 2023 was in full swing, we witnessed some amazing products from different companies. Today, we will look at one such product, a CES Innovation Award Honoree in the health and fitness category. Motion Pillow is a well-designed sleeping aid for your nighttime snoring problems. 10Minds from South Korea is the mastermind behind this anti-snoring solution. Let’s take a look at it. 

Overview of 10 Minds Co., Ltd

10 Minds is a company specializing in health and beauty from South Korea. They strive to provide a more beautiful and relaxing life for everyone. There are two headquarters for 10 Minds. One is located in Yongsangu, Seoul, South Korea, and the other is in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. 

10 Minds has created a wide range of health and beauty products. They cater to people who want the best possible rest after a tiring day. Customers can purchase 10 Minds’ products from their official distributors. Currently, the company has over 25 official partners that distribute the original products. Moreover, interested people can also inquire about mass purchases directly from their official website.

Now here we will talk about an intuitive science-based product from 10 Minds. Motion Pillow is unique and will set away your snoring far, far away.

What is Motion Pillow?

Motion Pillow 3 is what every person struggling with snoring problem needs. This anti-snoring device from the Korean company packs amazing sets of technology. The device comes with a motion sensor which is a big part of the whole product. This motion sensor detects your head’s position and adjusts it for better quality sleep. 

10minds motion pillow

This Motion Pillow product from 10Minds has achieved the CES Innovation Awards Honoree. The company has been in the honoree awards for three years running because of its innovative inventions. Since 2020, they haven’t skipped being in the honoree mentions, the credit for which goes to their product’s creative design. 

How Does It Work?

The sensor uses the sound of snoring to trigger the adjusting procedure. Whenever a motion pillow detects snoring, the device triggers the airbags. After that, the device fills the airbags in order to achieve the optimal position for your head. Similarly, the airbag can also be deflated to optimize the head position. Everything is done using the smart sensor built inside Motion Pillow.

Motion Pillow eliminates snoring by fixing the major passages of the upper respiratory tract. While the pillow is adjusting itself, the sleeping person will not be disturbed. There is absolutely no disturbance that can cause problems while you are sleeping. In fact, you will be more relaxed since your snoring will be gone.

The product includes a pillow with built-in airbags and a control unit. The control unit or solution box contains an acoustic sensor that detects snoring sounds. Moreover, it also has an air pressure sensor to detect the head’s location on the pillow. 

The Learning Period of Motion Pillow

Everyone should be aware of the brief learning experience the device go through. When you use the 10Minds Motion Pillow for the first time, it learns your sleeping behavior. This includes your head position and the sound of your snoring. After that, the device configures itself and starts sending signals to achieve the desired result.


10Minds, as the name suggests, uses their creative mind to come up with amazing ways to improve our lifestyle. Motion Pillow is no exception this year with their innovative anti-snoring technology. Since it is recognized as CES Innovative Awards Honoree, there is something incredible about it. 

You are set to achieve excellent sleep quality with 10Minds’ Motion Pillow. The snoring reduction technology will aid in other health benefits. If you struggle with snoring, you need to try Motion Pillow. This comfortable yet useful pillow will give you a good night’s sleep every night. 

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