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Make your home fragrant with Soohyang’s fragrant home accessories

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Soohyang is a name that has become synonymous with good fragrances and it has set the bar high in its quality. With its insta-worthy millennial-pink branding, packaging, excellent smelling products, Soohyang has become one of the best home fragrance brands. The name literally translates to “excellent fragrance”. It was established by Kim Soohyang in the year 2013 and now it has expanded all over the world. She believes in the fact that a sense of smell can also give pleasure and add bliss to life. All the products are simple but stylish and always leave a memorable impression.

According to Soohyang “A fragrance reflects characteristics of the space, as well as emotions and the inner world of the people within the space. Like an outfit that fits perfectly, or a moving piece of music, a sensitively chosen fragrance carries a special meaning.”

This South Korea-based fragrance house has a wide range of home products including scented candles, diffuser sets, car vent air fresheners, home sprays, wax tablets, paper air fresheners, and some other small accessories, like a scented matchbox, badge collection. All the products are made in Korea from natural ingredients.

With a vast collection of 33 types of fragrances, they ensure that each customer will find something they like. All these scents are simple and individual ranging from floral scents (signature “Itaewon565”, “Apricot Blossom”) to refreshing scents (“The Raindrops”) and the classics (“Hinoki”). And you can get each fragrance in a different category of products so you can experience them in a way you like.


It the Sooyang signature product that is famous all over the world. They are made from non-toxic biodegradable vegetable wax which burns evenly with no ash or smoke.

Soohyang Champagne Supernova Scented Candle


This is a long-term scenting product that can make a room full of fragrance for several months. Visually it is very appealing with its signature brown bottle and simple but classy design.

Soohyang Itaewon 565 Diffuser

Home Sprays

These are perfect for odorous places like the kitchen and bathrooms. This can also beused as air spray in any other room or use it on fabric. It comes in sleek pink and black bottles with an option of 16 fragrances to choose from.

Soohyang Itaewon 565 Home Spray

Wax Tablets

These small tablets are suitable for small spaces like wardrobes or drawers and it diffuses fragrance over 3 months. They are specially created by hand-pouring soy-wax in a unique hexagonal shape with the Soohyang signature slogan embossed on it.

Scented Wax Tablet

Car Vent Air Freshener

With fragrant homes, you would want your cars to smell great too. It fixes over the vent and diffuses concentrated perfumed beads in the car to keep it fresh and fragrant.

Paper Air Freshener

These tiny packs come in Soohyang’s signature pink boxes and you can keep them in your bags and purses.

Other Accessories

There are quirky products as well in the range, such as Candle Lid (for Soohyang Candles), Matchbox (for lighting up the candles), and Candle Pin Badges (to attach onto bags and clothes).

Different Accessories from Soohyang

With all these wonderful products and a wide range of fragrances, Soohyang is becoming a very customer-loved brand in the category of home fragrances all over the world.

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