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Spring/Summer Korean Fashion Trends

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As spring approaches, get ready for some fresh and exciting fashion trends that will make you stand out. Here are 10 wearable spring/summer Korean fashion trends you must watch.

Sheer Dresses

For a soft and sexy look, try sheer fabrics. These dresses can be styled to channel different vibes, from grunge to high-fashion glam. Pair them with a singlet and leather jacket for a chic edge, or choose a dress with a corset or cut-out details for a more glamorous look.

Ballet Flats

Swap your sky-high heels for comfortable and versatile ballet flats. These shoes can give off ultra-feminine vibes, especially in pale pink, beige, cream or white colors. Match them with maxi skirts, sheer dresses, cardigans, cobweb knits or polka dot blouses for a sweet look.

3D Flower

This season, it’s all about showcasing floral motifs in a three-dimensional style. Try floral appliques and frilly details to flaunt this trend.

Distressed Denim

Choose a denim design with distressed details, fringes, studs, grommets, prints, or patches to spruce up your usual denim look. A denim-on-denim outfit is always a safe choice.

Low-Rise Cut

Add subtle sexiness to your outfit with a low-rise waist on any bottoms, from mini skirts and cargo maxi skirts to jeans and dress pants. Match your low-rise piece with a crop top for a full midriff-baring effect in this spring/summer Korean fashion trends.

Cargo Pockets

Cargo pants, skirts, and utility jackets with cargo pockets are all in style. Look for classic camouflage, army green, and khaki colors this season. Pair them with a tube top and bomber jacket for a Y2K flair. These versatile pants go with everything from sneakers and combat boots to sandals and stilettos.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is set to shine as a statement piece or accessory in the upcoming months. This is one of the universal spring/summer Korean fashion trends. You can even use it by incorporating it into your makeup with cobalt blue eyeliner or hair highlights.

Lime & Pink

Pair trending dopamine colors like fuchsia, hot pink, and tangerine with mellow pink shades such as cotton candy and salmon to infuse spring vibes into your wardrobe.

Multi-Colored Knits

Add a touch of 90s rave scene vibe with vibrant multi-colored knits that can be paired with jeans, hot pants, or mini skirts.

Colorful Polka Dots

Polka dots are in, especially with different color combos and styles – ditsy, overlapped, aligned, asymmetrical, or even black and white. A sheer tie-neck blouse with ditsy black-and-white polka dots would be a great addition to your office wardrobe.

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