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A smart belt from Korean startup Welt Corp. Ltd

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Most people wear belts to hold their pants up, but the belt from Welt Corp. is a little different. This smart accessory comes with unique tracking features, both in terms of activity and your eating habits. Welt Corp. is a healthcare IoT company with a mission to realize preventive healthcare. It was founded in 2016 by Sean Kang, CEO and creator of WELT.

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The belt is designed for people who are not generally considered when we talk about innovation – older adults and physically disabled. Approximately 9,500 elderly American die because of fall each year. It is one of the leading causes of death from injury amongst people 65 or older.

Welt Corp. Ltd participated in the world’s largest appliances fair, CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show 2020), held in Las Vegas, USA. They revealed their smart belt for the first time. The Smart Belt Pro won the CES Innovation Award.

Smart Belt Pro is the world’s 1st fall risk assessment smart belt. It is designed to lower the fall risk. The embedded sensors in the belt and the algorithms can accurately calculate the fall risk from abnormal gait patterns. Unlike the wrist wearables with fall detection, notification only comes after the fall has occurred.

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The belt is built to prevent falls from unstable gait patterns, such as abnormal gait speed and symmetry. It senses and tracks any irregularities as the user walks, and it can alert them of future falls. If a user shows an unstable gait pattern and a higher fall risk, its companion app will send a warning notification through the user’s phone. The belt gets smarter the longer the user wears it. It updates their personalized health data on a continuous basis so users get a more customized plan for their fitness goals over time.

It offers many more innovative features for continuous health monitoring. You can monitor your waist size and discover any changes in your waist circumference over time. Like a steps tracker, this belt also tracks your steps, calories burned, and the distance you’ve walked. It can also monitor the period of inactivity by measuring the amount of time you spend sitting during the day. As the belt measures changes in your waist circumference, you can indirectly monitor your eating habits by tracking the changes in your wais.t

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Although it is a tech-y belt, it looks just like a regular belt. You don’t have to worry about it not matching with your formal outfits. The belt features Welt Corp.’s new Automatic Buckle, which is so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to go back to your old conventional buckle. The belt is made from Vera Pelle certified premium Italian leather. The leather strap has been handmade by master craftsmen using the premium Italian leather cowhide used by the finest fashion brands.

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