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Amorepacific’s New Hair Scalp Treatment Range – LABO-H

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Amorepacific was founded in 1945, and this Korean brand combines traditional beauty secrets with innovative technology. The primary goal of the Korean company is to provide quality, innovative, and authentic beauty products to their end-users. Amorepacific introduces fantastic skincare products while standing firm in its commitment to sustainability and safety. Their consistency in providing a wide range of beauty and skincare products is impressive. Amorepacific owns many K-beauty and skincare brands. They create innovative and user-friendly products that are both affordable and premium. LABO-H, one of their brands, wants you to reconsider your approach to skin and hair care.

Amorepacific LABO-H: Laboratory Of Hair

The scalp is also made up of skin! This is the guiding principle behind Amorepacific’s new hair scalp treatment. You read that correctly! 

Everyone knows that skin has many layers and that glands exist between these layers to keep the skin supple and moist. You’re also aware that body skin has hair, making it more permeable to the outside world. The scalp has four times the amount of hair; hence it is so sensitive to temperature and touch.

Amorepacific recognized this aspect and, in collaboration with a team of experts, created the brand LABO-H to address the awkward problem of hair loss. On the Amorepacific website, LABO-H is classified as hair care. They manufacture hair and scalp products and have developed a new line for the health of the same.

LABO-H Products

Everyone has a unique scalp, and the new scalp treatment promises to provide tailored solutions to each individual. Its major advantage is that it combines the benefits of probiotics with regulated microbial growth.

They offer three products that address hair loss as the primary concern. The bottles, which have a simple design, mention the probiotics and microbes used, as well as the problem area they address. Microbiome technology is important as it stabilizes microbes. This technology creates an ecosystem in which beneficial and harmful microbes coexist, resulting in an ecosystem that aids in treating hair problems.

  • LABO-H Scalp Skin Care for Scalp Strengthening: This product, infused with biotin and ceramide as probiotics, as well as Micro Biome, focuses on restoring lost hair strength.
  • LABO-H Scalp Skin Care for Scalp Cooling: This one-use Vitamin E and mint extracts as probiotics and a healthy Micro Biome are combined for scalp cooling. It also aids in stress reduction.
  • LABO-H Scalp Skin Care for Sensitive Scalp: Its probiotic combination includes panthenol and madecassoside, as well as Micro Biome, which helps to heal the sensitive scalp.

They infuse this product with green tea grown only on the Jeju islands by the company, and it is blessed with the island’s famous soil elements. These robust tea plants provide the probiotic component of the haircare line. Together with the power of microbes and carefully selected probiotics, they help achieve the desired results.

What Makes Amorepacific LABO-H Products Different?

The advantages of Amorepacific’s range are many. It not only provides deep nourishment to the scale, but it also balances the sebum. The scalp protects the nerve endings and sensory points on the head, and a weakened shield can expose the inner layers to discomfort. Products in the LABO-H range can fortify and restore the scalp’s overall health.

LABO-H treats hair as if it were a self-contained entity to resolve any issues that may arise. This product has a better chance of being accepted by the body because it contains a healthy mix of bacteria and probiotics. Benefits such as less dead skin, less itchiness, reduce oiliness, and even dust-free hair are visible after just one use.

Final Words

Hair is the crown of one’s body and you should treat it as such. Everyone aspires to have a lush, beautiful mane, but not everyone achieves it. Pollution, dust, dietary, and genetic factors all play a role in the final appearance of most people’s hair. Wash your hair and wash your vows away! You can now unwind and follow LABO-new H’s haircare treatment. You can see results in as little as six weeks and will not disappoint.

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