Learn Korean from Scratch With Hybe Edu’s “Learn! Korean with TinyTan” (BTS)

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Learn Korean language with BTS’ new TinyTan branded kit where each member will motivate you throughout your journey!

If you don’t know what BTS ARMY is, you have definitely been living under a rock these past few years. ARMY, or BTS stans, have been worshipping at the altar of their seven gods (only a slight overstatement) for years now. The Bangtan Boys (BTS) have been stealing the hearts of fans around the globe for years now. However, their international fanbase definitely got a boost after their documentary “Burn The Stage: The Movie” and plethora of achievements in the global music scene such as topping the Billboards with their single “Dynamite,” appearances in SNL and popular Western talk shows, and innumerable prestigious nominations (and some notable wins) including the 2021 Grammys, Billboard Awards, IFPI, etc. 

With a huge global fanbase, however, arises a palpable language barrier. While reliable lyric translations and prompt subtitling of interviews and videos come to the rescue, understanding the essence of the actual Korean words is an incomparable experience. Additionally, the Hallyu wave has created a demand for all things Korean amongst international fans, including the language. Learning Korean is aspirational for most K-pop or K-drama fans, but it is not as accessible as European language teaching resources. 

That’s where BTS comes to the rescue. 

BTS’ agency Hybe Label’s (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) educational department, Hybe Edu, has launched a brand-new Korean learning kit with BTS that is making K-pop fans go gaga. “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” is a language education package designed especially for Korean enthusiasts looking to learn the Korean language. 

learn korean with tintytan

Why Should You Go For “Learn Korean with TinyTan” (BTS)? 

Learning a new language can be a challenging yet enriching experience. To make it a less intimidating prospect, Hybe Label has stepped up to the challenge. 

The company has come up with a follow-up series to Hybe Edu’s insanely popular “Learn! Korean with BTS“, released last year, that will help the BTS fandom feel closer to the artists they admire. This package, “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN”, is the best way to learn more about the Korean language, and of course, BTS, therefore taking the artist-fan interaction to a whole new level.

The miniature characters, referred to as TinyTAN, were designed based on the K-pop act’s seven members. They are animated figurines of RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook, in the vastly popular “Chibi figure” style, with the typical small bodies and huge childlike heads. They have their hair and outfits similar to the ones sported by BTS in the “Mic Drop” music video. The adorable figurines are very high on the aegyo (cuteness) scale and make for some adorable language teachers.

The course primarily focuses on phonetics and the structure of the Korean alphabet. 

What Does The Korean Learning Kit Consist Of? 

The kit contains workbooks, Korean alphabet posters, flashcards, masking tape, and stickers. However, the most exciting constituent in this kit is the purple-colored (yes, keeping in mind the fandom’s color) electric pen called ‘Motipen.’

The Motipen is an innovative new-age teaching device that includes voice clips created using Artificial Intelligence that emulates the voices of the seven BTS members. The pen can read aloud words and phrases in English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. You can also access this pen to learn the Korean pronunciation of your name by your favorite BTS member. 

learn korean with tintytan

Choi Yeong-nam, the general manager of Hybe Edu, expressed how the company’s motive was to develop a handy, user-friendly Korean learning kit tailored to fans who are excited to learn a new language. He said, at a trial session at Hybe’s headquarters, “We incorporated new and easy-to-use technology and artists’ intellectual property (IP) for this.” “Hello reporter, shall we start learning together? Fighting!” the gadget said in the voice of RM, a BTS member, during the trial session in Central Seoul. 

What Are The Most Exciting Features Offered?

You can access BTS videos on the futuristic purple gadget, which includes sound clips created using text-to-sound technology.

The kit comes with several fascinating features to draw the user’s attention. For instance, you can customize some of the phrases, including the Korean pronunciation of your name. 

It does a great job of teaching language rules and conventions. For example, “batchim” is a consonant placed at the bottom and pronounced at the end in a Korean syllable block to make the Korean language more unique. 

In addition to that, the kit also teaches you casual expressions often used in everyday life so that the fans can emulate a Korean native. 

How Is “Learn Korean With TinyTAN” Different From Its Predecessor?

The new series revolves around episodes of a fictional BTS fan named “Bora” (which translates to “purple” in Korean, a fun meta-reference to the fandom). 

This kit was developed based on feedback from fans who purchased the first series. After the phenomenal success of the first series, which sold around 300,000 copies across 30 countries, the label decided to come up with this new series. 

This beginner-level learning kit, “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN“, was developed after some fans who used its predecessor, “Learn! Korean with BTS”, suggested they wanted to grasp the basic components of the Korean language. 

Pricing and Availability

You can purchase the “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” kit on the Weverse Shop and K-Pop Mart. 

The kit is priced at US $99. 

To Buy or Not To Buy? 

This product is designed not only for BTS fans but all non-Korean speakers in general. It is a great interactive and fun steppingstone to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Korean language system before moving on to more challenging courses. 

For international Hallyu fans, the “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” is not only extremely useful but also a collectible to be treasured.

All in all, if you are looking to learn extensively about the Korean culture and get accustomed to the language of the Bangtan Boys, this is definitely the perfect product for you!

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