Roasted & Recycled: Discover Eco Benches from Coffee Grounds at Aetteul Square in Incheon

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After introducing a Smart Pet Waste Management System in parks, Incheon Metropolitan City in South Korea has transformed waste into wonders by introducing benches created from recycled coffee grounds at Aetteul Square. This initiative serves the environment and uplifts disadvantaged communities through job opportunities. Explore how the coffee waste is transformed into eco-friendly benches, leading to sustainability and social empowerment at Incheon’s Aetteul Square.

Transforming Waste into Wonders: Incheon’s Eco-Friendly Benches from Coffee Grounds – A First in South Korea

Roasted & Recycled: Discover Eco Benches from Coffee Grounds at Aetteul Square in Incheon
Eco-Friendly benches from coffee grounds at Aetteul Square in Incheon, South Korea | Incheon Metropolitan City official website

Blending Culture with Sustainability: A Pioneering Recycling Project

South Koreans have a deep cultural connection to coffee, seeing it as a symbol of connection, creativity, and modernity. Incheon’s eco-conscious initiative involves repurposing coffee grounds from local cafes. This initiative offers a perfect blend of coffee culture with environmental consciousness, sparking conversations about resource repurposing and waste reduction.

In 2023, Incheon collected nearly 340 tons of coffee grounds for recycling, showcasing a robust dedication to sustainability. The recycling initiative repurposes the coffee waste to create various products, including wooden decking, barn bedding, pencils, and flower pots. This reflects the city’s ingenuity in converting waste into valuable resources.

Coffee Grounds Recycling: Development of the Eco-Friendly Benches

Incheon’s bold move to utilize recycled coffee grounds for crafting benches signals a significant step towards environmental responsibility. Mixing composite wood with discarded coffee waste creates an attractive and functional bench. This innovative approach showcases the beauty of upcycling while reducing waste.

The vibrant city of Incheon is now home to benches made from recycled coffee grounds at the iconic Aetteul Square. This innovative project echoes Incheon’s commitment to sustainability and community development. Furthermore, this makes Incheon Metropolitan City the first city in South Korea to have an eco-friendly initiative that combines coffee culture and environmental awareness.

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Community Collaboration and Future Initiatives

Roasted & Recycled: Discover Eco Benches from Coffee Grounds at Aetteul Square in Incheon
Embracing community collaboration | Incheon Metropolitan City official website

Incheon plans to expand its coffee recycling project by collaborating with district offices and local self-sufficiency centers. Choi Myeong-hwan, a key figure in this initiative, emphasizes the significance of community awareness and engagement. He believes that involving the community is essential to create a sustainable loop of transforming waste into valuable assets. Incheon aims to foster a culture of environmental stewardship and resourcefulness through collective efforts.

The introduction of benches made from recycled coffee grounds at Aetteul Square signifies a harmonious blend of coffee culture and sustainability.This innovative project promotes environmental awareness. Additionally, it encourages discussions on transformative daily practices for a greener and more sustainable future.


By intertwining coffee culture with eco-friendly design, Incheon’s recycled coffee ground benches stand as a testament to the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and resourcefulness. Let’s embrace the transformative power of turning waste into wonders and pave the way for a greener tomorrow!

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Source: Incheon Official Website

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