Fitto: An Innovative Digital Healthcare Device by Korean Startup Oliver Healthcare

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It is essential to analyze your health in order to develop a healthy lifestyle. With Fitto, you can certainly keep track of your muscle mass and its development. 

Now you can assess and monitor your muscles and compare them to your total body fat percentage. In addition, using Fitto will help you determine the quality and at what rate your muscles are developing. It uses NIR and provides scan results with its native program called 9 Block Therapy. 

Oliver Healthcare Overview 

Oliver Healthcare was founded in 2016, and the company started its journey by creating and developing health-related products. They aim to create a healthy lifestyle for people by making healthcare accessible to everyone. They approach the technological way of creating healthcare products, and they have introduced Vello in 2020, a belly fat measuring device. In 2022, they launched Fitto, which we will talk about here.

The company wants consumers to look at Oliver Healthcare as an industry-leading healthcare company. Oliver Healthcare uses its personalized service with the help of Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology. In addition, the company is highly using artificial intelligence, data processing and algorithms.

The achievements of Oliver Healthcare make it a trustable and reliable company when it comes to digital healthcare products. In 2020, they won the CES Innovation Award for Bello, and in 2022, they again received the same award for launching Fitto. 

What is FITTO?

FITTO is a technological device that measures and analyzes muscles mass in each part of your body through near-infrared (NIR). It comes with a 9-block therapy system that subdivides the muscle mass of your body. This system aims to recognize the classification of a user’s body and its type based. It is recommended that people who use FITTO should also follow a diet and work out regularly. As a result, users will be able to manage their goals optimally. This digital healthcare device is for people who live a healthy lifestyle and maintain muscle development. In addition, it allows people to avoid having sarcopenia. 

9 Block Therapy is a body shape and wellness program that works on Fitto and Bello 2. It has many benefits that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Its main feature is its personalized program according to your health. You can also set goals and customize them to get the most effective results. Other than that, you will also get scan results from the program. After that, the goals you set will recommend recipes and exercises.

Talking about the product’s journey, Fitto has won the CES Innovation award in 2022. Seong-ho Han, CEO of Oliver Healthcare, says, “I am honored to receive this award, and we will continue to please our customers by providing high-quality products that will help them lead a healthy life.” In addition, he adds, “We will improve our company and continue to create excellent products and good services.”

If you want to know more about CES innovation award 2022 winners, you can check out their product descriptions and pictures on their official website. Many companies showcase their innovative products for the annually held CES Innovation Awards. You can see all information about various categories, honorees and awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) website.

CES 2022 is hosted by CTA (Consumer Technology Association), where startups and well-established companies come face to face and showcase their products to a global audience. Fitto is one of the many products from CES 2022 and received the CES Innovation Award 2022 for Health & Wellness.


Many people fail to reach their fitness goals due to a lack of insight about their bodies, which is why healthcare products like Fitto are here to eliminate those problems. If you are working out constantly and following a proper diet, you have to add Fitto to your lifestyle. 

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