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Handbags from Local Korean Brands

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Discover the charm of locally crafted, stylish handbags from Korea. These local Korean fashion brands are gaining recognition globally with unique designs, trendy collaborations, and affordable prices. It offers a budget-friendly way to express your personal style. Embrace the allure of these exclusive and popular handbags from local Korean brands without breaking the bank.

Discover Affordable and Stylish Handbags from Local Korean Fashion Brands

When it comes to choosing handbags, we often prioritize big-name brands over design and functionality, despite their high prices. However, there are now alternative options available. Local Korean artisans are creating elegant and stylish handbags that are colorful and affordable. With their unique designs, these handbags have become increasingly popular among young people, offering a refreshing change from the trend of mindlessly following well-known brands. In this article, we will introduce several Korean fashion handbag brands that have become popular domestically and internationally due to the influence of K-pop and celebrity endorsements.

Discover Affordable and Stylish Handbags from Local Korean Fashion Brands
Local Korean brand Serge Poetic’s handbag collection. | Serge Poetic


Launched in 2018 by designer Seok Jeong-hye, the brand “Vunque” gained recognition after the success of its most popular bag, the “Couronne,” launched in 2009. The brand’s philosophy, ‘Trend is not a style,’ emphasizes that trendiness is not the same as having a personal style. Each product is designed to meet customer needs and cater to different requirements.


Carlyn’s “New Hester” bag, released in the fall of 2017, has become one of the brand’s most sought-after styles, selling over 40,000 units within a year. The latest spring-summer collection showcases a harmonious combination of freedom and transformation, breaking away from uniformity to provide a refreshing and updated style.


Korean local brand J.Estina experienced a surge in popularity after successfully releasing its “Salvia Joy” handbag. The brand has gained recognition through collaborations with several renowned Korean actresses, including Song Hye Kyo, Park MinYoung, Kim Tae Ri, and Kim Yoo Jung. Additionally, J.Estina has partnered with famous K-pop artists like G-Dragon, HyunA, and (G)I-DLE members Minnie and Miyeon.


Sun-hee, a former Harper’s Bazaar reporter, founded the popular handbag brand in Korea, by_edit. Initially, the collection focused on canvas handbags designed for business trips and vacations, specifically created for friends and family. The brand has since expanded and can now be found at prestigious locations like Barney’s New York in Japan.

Serge Poetics

Serge Poetics is renowned for its small and unique-looking handbags. The brand, founded by Jeon Hyo-jin, finds inspiration from diverse sources. For instance, the Sailor Tulip bag is inspired by sea crew bags and perfectly complements sunny beach outfits. Every bag tells its own poetic tale.


COMME.R presents luxurious handbag designs that suit basic, modern, or chic looks. The brand offers bags that can convert into tote bags by attaching straps, providing versatility. Moreover, they craft these handbags from various materials, including canvas, leather, and plastic. Additionally, you can effortlessly match these handbags with any outfit for any occasion.


MARHEN.J is a popular handbag brand in Korea, known for its sophisticated and chic bags, which perfectly complement Western outfits. The brand’s name is derived from the Spanish word “MARGEN,” which means composure and relaxation.

The new collection of bags features exquisite designs that add elegance to any outfit. Their latest launch, the MAYA bag, comes in various colors like black, grey, beige, and pastel pink. The collection also includes minimalistic yet captivating designs that are bound to capture attention. MARHEN.J is also a favorite among prominent K-pop stars.


FindKapoor offers classic and elegant bags. The brand’s timeless collections of beauty and fashion effortlessly captivate fashion enthusiasts. The brand recently unveiled its latest symbol, Flamma, derived from the structural reformation of the letter’ f’. Its shape embodies the dynamic brilliance of colliding starlight. Explore their remarkable new collection for the upcoming FindKapoor 2024 Spring Summer on February 14, 2024.


Gu_de is an exceptional Korean handbag brand recognized for its ultra-stylish and durable bags. The brand excels in creating bags with statement metal locks. The latest collection by this premium brand consists of bags made with high-quality leather and complemented by metal locks. The designs are minimalistic yet eye-catching, ensuring you stand out wherever you go.

Handbags from local Korean fashion brands are gaining popularity due to their unique designs and affordable prices. These bags offer a quality product at approximately one-tenth of the cost of premium designer brands, allowing you to own more bags without breaking the bank. Furthermore, you can effortlessly match your handbag with your outfit without compromising your budget.

Are you ready to stand out with a stylish handbag that combines affordability, quality, and exquisite design?

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