Popular Brain-Stimulating Korean Dramas and Movies Featuring Baduk (Go)

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Have you ever heard of Baduk? Yes, it is that traditional Korean board game featuring black and white stones. And thanks to these best Korean dramas and movies, Baduk has now become one of the most rising Korean traditional games worldwide. So, what are the movies and dramas that have awakened the fame of Baduk? Let’s find out in the following discussion.

Baduk: Most Stimulating Board Game for the Brain

Baduk, also known as Go, is an ancient board game originating from East Asia. The game basically features two players who take turns placing black and white stones on a 19×19 grid board.

The main objective of this game is to control more territory than your opponent. So, if your stones managed to dominate the board, then you’ll win. The game is simple and yet represents high intelligence in developing strategies and tactics.

While this game might have started to become famous since a Japanese manga, Hikaru No Go, raised the topic as a competition, its popularity skyrocketed after some of the best Korean movies and dramas started to shine a direct spotlight on the game. These projects portrayed Baduk as a metaphor for life’s complexities and strategic thinking. They also highlighted the dramatic essence of Baduk as a prestigious and intellectually engaging activity.

Thus, these best and most popular Korean dramas and movies have managed to encourage more people, especially the younger generation, to learn and play the game.

So, which dramas and movies have played a massive role in raising the popularity of Baduk? Here are some of the best films and series highlighting the traditional Korean board game Baduk.

Best Korean Dramas and Movies Featuring Baduk

1. Misaeng

Best korean dramas movies baduk traditional game

First of all, we have “Misaeng: Incomplete Life.” It’s one of the best office Korean dramas that features a special spotlight on Baduk. Although the series takes settings within a corporate office environment, its main character, Jang Geu Rae, highly upholds Baduk as a major life compass. He uses this traditional Korean game to navigate the complexities of his job and personal growth in the corporate world.

2. Reply 1988

Best korean dramas movies baduk traditional game

Secondly, “Reply: 1988” was one of the best Korean dramas that brought up Baduk as one of the main focuses. Yes, it may not be the central topic, but Baduk played a massive part in the story. That is because its main character, Choi Taek, had actually been a Baduk prodigy. And so, everything that happens in his life revolves around Baduk. It is one of the key elements that affect the dynamics and relationships between him and his friends.

3. The Glory

Best korean dramas movies baduk traditional game
  • Year: 2022
  • Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon
  • Episode: 16 (2 parts – 8 episodes each)
  • Watch on: Netflix.

Meanwhile, one of the best Korean dramas that significantly highlights Baduk is “The Glory.” As one of her massive revenge plots, the female lead, Moon Dong Eun, learns how to play Baduk from the male lead, Joo Yeo Jeong. She then joined the Baduk club and made a strong impression on the veteran member, Ha Do Young, the husband of her school bully. From that point, her journey to revenge begins.

4. Captivating the King

Best korean dramas movies baduk traditional game
  • Year: 2024
  • Cast: Jo Jung Suk, Shin Se Kyung
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Netflix.

On the other hand, “Captivating the King” is one of the best Korean historical dramas that mainly focuses on Baduk. The two main characters are genius Baduk players who met and bonded through this traditional game. The whole story is even very close to events and issues related to Baduk. Not only that, but the drama is also full of Baduk’s characteristics in complicated tactics and strategies. This is one of the best series if you want to learn and understand how Baduk can be implemented in daily life.

5. The Stone

the stone
  • Year: 2013
  • Cast: Cho Dong In, Kim Roe Ha
  • Runtime: 113 min.
  • Watch on: N/A

At the same time, we have one of the best Korean movies featuring Baduk, “The Stone.” It tells the story of the world of underground Baduk, featuring the life of a prodigy drawn into high-stakes games as an adult.

6. The Divine Move 1 & 2

divine move
  • Year: 2014 & 2019
  • Cast: Jung Woo Sung (1), Kwon Sang Woo
  • Runtime: 118 min (1), 106 min (2)
  • Watch on: Amazon Prime, Netflix.

Finally, we have “The Divine Move” series, one of the best and most thrilling Korean movies featuring Baduk. This action-packed film uses Baduk as a central metaphor but focuses on the underground world of professional gamblers who play the game. It’s more about revenge and strategy, portraying Baduk as a battle of wits beyond the board.

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