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Get Rid of Expensive Microneedling with Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot

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South Korea has always been a place of beauty, people see South Korea in a way as if it’s a place where people with the best beauty live, and that’s somewhat true, but is everyone in South Korea born this way? The answer is no. The main credit behind the beauty of Koreans is all the different types of highly beneficial beauty products and skin treatments. One of those treatments is microneedling.¬†And now, Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot is bringing the skincare treatment to your home without any microneedling needles poking your skin!

What is Microneedling? 

Microneedling is a very popular treatment in South Korea, and many people often prefer this. It is a process to increase the production of collagen in your skin forcefully through needles, and this treatment provides you with smooth skin with a brightened and plump look. This is a popular treatment, but still, there are a lot of people who do not like and prefer this because, despite its brightening effects, it leaves open pores on your skin and is painful, so the beauty experts of South Korea have found a better alternative to microneedling and that’s Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot.¬†

Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot

This device was launched in May 2022. It’s a revolutionary Korean skincare device which means it’s built with years of effort, and that’s also the reason why it’s considered far better than microneedling. It provides you with the benefits of microneedling without any needles, which means without any pain.

Why is Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot Better?

There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot, and the main reason is that it’s seen as an alternative to microneedling and is considered even better than microneedling. First of all, microneedling is a highly expensive treatment, and that’s because it requires modern equipment and can only be used by a specialist. That’s a major demerit of microneedling because many can’t afford such expensive treatment, and also many do not have much time to visit such clinics regularly.

All these problems can be solved just by the latest and innovative Korean home skin care device, Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot. It is a small, handled equipment that is pocket friendly and portable enough to be carried around in your purse, and that means you can get your desired skin treatment any time anywhere and for a very low cost. Though this invention does not defy the fact that the treatment performed by dermatologists in their dermatology clinics is far more effective, we cannot deny that the effects which Medicube ATS Air Shot provides you at such a lower price are worth it too.

How to Use Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot?

Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot does not exactly work as microneedling, and it’s a completely different set of procedures. Microneedling increases collagen production into your skin forcefully, but when it comes to Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot, it’s different as it does not apply any unnecessary force to your skin. It does not increase the production of collagen forcefully. Instead, it just applies slight pressure on your skin, opening the pores of your skin and increasing its absorption property.

Along with all its useful properties, it’s easy to use too. All you need to do is:

  • Dry up your skin with a clean cloth
  • Press the button to switch it on; use it on the first level if you are a beginner
  • There are different methods like sweeping, tapping, and brushing; choose the method that suits you the best¬†
  • Take extra care of delicate areas like near the eyes and neck.
  • Follow it regularly.

ATS Air Shot allows your skin to absorb all the nutrients from the different products that you use. Research in South Korea shows that the absorption property of your skin increases up to 432% after using this home skincare device.

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