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Preorder Stray Kids “ATE” and Get Your Signed Album Today!

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Ever imagine what it’s like to have your precious Kpop album signed exclusively by the artist? Stop dreaming and act today! Stray Kids is releasing their 2024 comeback album “ATE,” and the preorder will feature exclusive signed versions. So, where to preorder Stray Kids “ATE” and how to get the members’ signatures? Join us in a complete discussion below.

Stray Kids to Release New 2024 Summer Album, “ATE”

Kpop’s 4th generation global star Stray Kids will soon grace your five senses with their iconic mala music and explosive performance. The group recently released a teaser video for its upcoming 2024 summer comeback called, “ATE,” where Stray Kids beats all the misfortunes they unexpectedly encountered with persistence and hard work.

Along with the video teaser, Stray Kids also revealed the complete timeline schedule and versions of “ATE” comeback album 2024. Despite all the unexpected controversies surrounding this release, anticipations are still rising, especially knowing that Stray Kids always delivered exceptional performances in each and every release.

Album Versions

In general, there will be various different versions of Stray Kids “ATE” comeback album you can preorder today.

ATE Version

Stray kids ate signed album preorder

Chk Chk Ver. / Boom Version

Stray kids ate signed album preorder

Accordion Version

Stray kids ate signed album preorder

Letter Version

Stray kids ate signed album preorder

JYP x NEMOZ App Version

JYP x NEMOZ App Version

Preorder Stray Kids “ATE” Today and Get Your Signed Album!

Now, the million-dollar question: is it really possible to get a signed Stray Kids “ATE” without joining any of the events? The answer is: absolutely!

Stray Kids is releasing the signed versions of “ATE” comeback album, and getting them is easy as pie! All you need is just clicking the preorder button from the official Stray Kids shop.

StrayKids' official shop

Other Places to Preorder

On the other hand, if somehow luck is not in your favor this time, and you did not get the chance to turn it over like Stray Kids did in the “ATE” teaser video, there are still plenty of places where you can preorder all these different versions.

Unfortunately, these places do not offer the signed versions. But, hey, at least you managed to secure this masterpiece before it runs out later, right? Plus, you will get all the special benefits that are only available for the preorder versions, including Stray Kids exclusive “ATE” photocards.

Here are the places where you can get a copy of this amazing masterpiece:

Secure Your Signed Copy of Stray Kids’ “ATE” Today!

Don’t miss your chance to own a signed copy of Stray Kids’ highly anticipated 2024 comeback album, “ATE.” With exclusive signed versions available for preorder, you can get closer to the boys like never before.

Simply head to the official Stray Kids shop and click the preorder button to secure your signed album. Even if you miss out on the signed versions, you can still grab this masterpiece from various retailers like Blue Dream Media, Aladin, JYP Shop, YES24, MusicKorea, and MusicPlant.

Preorder now and be a part of Stray Kids’ extraordinary musical journey! You can also use this chance to get another copy as another gift idea for your fellow Kpop fans!

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