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Top Korean Fast Fashion Brands You Need to Know

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Dive into the world of Korean fast fashion! This guide unveils the top Korean fast fashion brands, offering trendy styles,high quality, and affordable prices. From everyday staples to K-Pop-inspired looks, discover your perfect Korean fashion picks and elevate your wardrobe on a budget.

With the increasing inflation, people are shifting towards value for money and fashion that does not make a big dent in their pockets. There is a rising demand for more value for money to combat the skyrocketing prices, thanks to the inflation.

And, now you can find more bang for the buck among native Korean brands as well! You don’t just have to stick to the international fast fashion brands, homegrown Korean fashion brands are also biting a big chunk of the market.

Korean Fast Fashion Brands


Need to update your wardrobe with some cool Korean threads? Check out TOPTEN! It’s a clothing store where you can find everyday clothes at prices that won’t break the bank. They have a bunch of stuff you’d see people wearing on the street, so you’ll be rocking that authentic Korean style. They have clothes and accessories for men too, and most things cost between 10,000 and 60,000 won. It’s a popular spot for teenagers and people in their twenties, but anyone can really shop there!

The budget friendly brand by Shinsung Tongsang Co is one such Korean fast fashion brands that is growing rapidly, with sales expected to cross 1 trillion Korean won in 2024. Earlier, Uniqlo was the only fast fashion brand (albeit Japanese) that was earning in this range in the Korean fast fashion market.


If you’re looking for clothes that are both on-trend and practical, check out 8seconds. This Korean brand, launched in 2012, is part of the Samsung C&T Fashion Group and is known for its stylish yet comfy everyday wear.

8seconds is a Korean brand all about fresh styles and high quality at good prices. They’re constantly coming out with new stuff, so you can ditch the fashion rut and find something unique that won’t drain your wallet. They want to help Koreans – and you! – add a little pep in their step with clothes that are both comfy and stylish for everyday life.

SPAO (스파오)

SPAO is a subsidiary of the E-Land Group with affordable clothing available in the range of 10,000 and 20,000 won. They are even cheaper than what you would find in Uniqlo (ranging above 30,000 won usually).

SPAO is the place to be for stylish clothes that let you rep your favorite groups and dramas. This popular brand isn’t shy about collaborating with big names in Korean entertainment, churning out must-have merchandise featuring your K-Pop idols.

A 2019 survey showed SPAO (think fast fashion) as the top clothing brand for young adults (19-34 year olds) in South Korea. ZARA and TOPTEN10 followed close behind.

Musinsa Standard (무신사 스탠다드)

Ever feel like you need a whole new wardrobe but your wallet’s screaming “no way”? MUSINSA STANDARD might be your new best friend. This brand is actually by MUSINSA, a giant online fashion store in Korea, and they focus on high-quality basics at a super reasonable price. 

No more flimsy shirts that fall apart after one wash – they use good materials for clothes you’ll wear again and again. Plus, they cut out the middleman stuff so you don’t pay extra. Basically, it’s like getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to casual, everyday style.

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