Get The New Samsung BESPOKE Qooker to Make Cooking Easy

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Samsung is a famous name for its best quality products, and it provides technology that wows to make life easy. One of their new launches in the Korean market is the Samsung BESPOKE Qooker. More people now take the option of home meal replacements and meal kits. Seeing this trend, Samsung brings a BESPOKE Qooker product that will effectively perform many functions together and work well with the modern, quick meal concept. This feature also resonates with the multitasking life of the people in today’s time. 

The Samsung BESPOKE Qooker

The BESPOKE Qooker is Samsung’s new product. Its name comes from the amalgamation of Q from quick and the rest from Cooker. It is square but with rounded edges and has stylish exteriors made of glass. The machine looks like an old-school oven but is much powerful than that. This device is available in four glamorous shades, white, pink, beige, and sun yellow, and it makes for a useful addition to the kitchen.

Features of the BESPOKE Qooker

This unique and stylish unit performs four cooking-related functions – air fry, grill, toast, and microwave. This machine gives life to pre-cooked and pre-packed meals. It comes with the option of multi-cook and has segregated cooking zones. This feature allows you to cook four ingredients at the same time. It has a top part and a bottom one. The tray on top comes with three segments for the grilling, air frying, and toasting. The bottom compartment acts as a microwave. 

The Qooker is a sleek and modern-looking machine that can sit on your countertop without taking much space. They make it with many advanced features like bar code snacking and pre-calculation of cooking time. You can get to know the right setting to prepare a pre-packed meal just with a bar code on the packaging. All you need to do is scan the code with this Qooker. The machine automatically calculates the required settings with its Cook Scan feature. Samsung promises you can prepare any meal in eighteen minutes when using the cook scan feature. 

Advantages of the BESPOKE Qooker

With this new technology, you not only get a cooking appliance, but you also get a fixed meal plan. The parent company works with many hotels, renowned chefs, and outlets to create home meal replacements compatible with the Qooker. Eight Korean food giants came together to put forward 117 recipes for Samsung, and the Qooker works best with these recipes. Some organizations and hotels wish to launch BESPOKE Qooker exclusive meal kits. 

BESPOKE Qooker with Meal Kits from Fresh Easy

Another advantage of this device is that you get a piping hot meal every time, and the auto setting does not burn the food. If you are into meal kits and home meal replacements, then taking a subscription from a partner outlet could get you a discount on the BESPOKE Qooker. Samsung called this marketing strategy the My Qooker Plan, and many food companies are already associated with it through the Samsung Card. 

In the end!

The new routine in life involves working late nights and early mornings. Also, with a lot of bachelors living in rented spaces, home-cooked meals are fading away fast. Now, meals kits and HMRs see a rise in demand. Not only working professionals but even youngsters are catching on with the trend. The BESPOKE Qooker is the ideal product in this pandemic work from home situation, and you must buy it soon.

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