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BT21 X Peacock Street Food Collaboration

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Are you a foodie who likes to explore food and different tastes from all over the world? Then this is just for you. Korean food is an ultimate delight to eat are is a very prominent cuisine. They all are tasty and have traditional flavors and concepts. Korea is also famous for its best-flavored snacks and street foods. They have some delicious snacks which will always leave you wanting more.

But the options are so widespread that it might baffle you to choose the best Korean snacks. Here is the best option to pick from the variety and devour the snack. One of the most sought-after brands in Korea would be Peacock. The brand Peacock has a variety of lip-smacking snacks.

They have recently collaborated with Korea’s popular boy band BTS. The main idea behind the collaboration is to bring the original flavors of Korean street food into snacks that you can munch on. It is ideal for sitting back on a couch and munching on your favorite snack. It has a burst of flavors that you will keep on eating. There are several street foods that you can enjoy from the BT21 X Peacock Food Collaboration!

Peacock BT21 Mozzarella Crispy Hot dog

The crispy hot dog is the show-stealer. It has everything that one wants in a hot dog. It has mozzarella cheese all over. You could pull out the stretchy cheese and devour the hot dog. It is a treat for hot dog lovers, and the best part is that you don‚Äôt even have to wait in stands anymore. You can get these amazing Korean Mozzarella Crispy Hot dogs easily. It is also fun to eat your favorite snack in collaboration with BT21.  

Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki

The tteokbokki is a spicy Korean street food snack. The BT21 X Peacock Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki is the perfect snack. The snack comes with rice and fish cakes, eggs, sauce inside. This snack is super easy to make as all the ingredients are right there in the packet. So, you can open, heat, and eat. Korea’s most favorite snack is now just one packet away.

Sweet Chewy Sticky Rice Hotteok

While talking about Korean snacks, how can you forget the famous Rice Hotteok? This Korean dessert is perfect to finish off your meal. The Sticky Rice Hotteok from BT21 X Peacock has the perfect texture and flavor that you enjoy right away without the tedious process. 

Crispy Seaweed Roll

Seaweed, the instant drool-worthy snack, is enough to make your movie nights fun. BT21 X Peacock has come up with a crunchy seaweed roll that has crispy carrots and chives. Just warm the rolls, and then enjoy the crispy goodness.

Crispy Juicy Dumpling Meat

Spicy Dumplings from the brand BT21 x Peacock food collaboration have a crunchy texture and a juicy filling. The dumpling has fresh vegetables and meat filling on the inside of the dumpling. If you are craving dumplings, you can pick this up, air fry them and enjoy as the spiciness take over your tongue.

Jeansonville Budae Jjigae

If you are craving spicy soup as a Korean snack, BT21 X Peacock’s Jeansonville Budae Jjigae is the ideal choice. There are various elements like selected pork as sausage and various authentic spices to make the soup delicious. It is ready to make, and your hot soup is ready in no time. It has crunchy bits and broth in a bowl to give you the ultimate experience of drinking a bowl of soup.


All snacks from the BT21 X Peacock range bring street food style food as snackable products. You can make these ready-made snacks anywhere, anytime. You can enjoy authentic Korean snacks with no hassle. These snacks are easy and quick to make, so no more hunger pangs. What are you waiting for? Buy these authentic Korean foods from Emart right now. Unfortunately, it is only available in Korea as of now. If you live outside of Korea, you can get your friends to buy you some of these drool-worthy snacks. 

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