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Popular Vita 500 ZERO Drink Feat aespa Karina: Where to Buy?

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Feeling easily exhausted lately? While good rest and regular exercise are the most recommended solutions, not everyone has enough time to do it during the peak rush in daily schedules. In that case, the Korean multivitamin drink Vita 500 ZERO is the perfect solution as you navigate and find balance for a healthier life, offering just the right amount of nutrition and benefits. And with the help of aespa Karina, Vita 500 ZERO has finally gained immense fame in the global market!

Vita 500 Zero Gains Impressive Exposure Thanks to aespa Karina

A South Korean multivitamin drink from Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, Vita 500 ZERO, recently gained massive fame in the global market, especially in the Kpop community. After changing its brand ambassador to one of the aespa members, Karina, Vita 500 ZERO has accumulated millions of views in their advertisement, creating a buzz in the global market.

Earlier this year, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical changed the brand ambassador for VITA 500 ZERO from Kpop group LE SSERAFIM to aespa Karina. The company announced the change with a new ad, showing aespa Karina in a bright orange fashion, reflecting the brand color and image of VITA 500 ZERO.

Following this change, Kwangdong Pharmaceutical then released a new CF for VITA 500 ZERO with aespa Karina. Unexpectedly, this new CF gained massive responses from the global market. In a span of 2 months after its release, the CF has accumulated over 11 million views on YouTube. And it was a fantastic number compared to the previous ads with LE SSERAFIM garnered approximately 3.5 million views in a year.

Your Healthy Assistant with ZERO Sugar

Now, you may have been wondering, what is this Vita 500 ZERO Korean drink?

Vita 500 ZERO is a variation of the original Korean drink from Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, Vita 500. With the rising trend of zero-sugar Korean food and beverages, Kwangdong decided to board the train with its most popular product.

Vita 500 ZERO Nutrition and Benefits

Originally, Vita 500 is a vitamin C drink from Korean company Kwangdong Pharmaceutical. Packed with 500mg of vitamin C per bottle, it boosts immunity, improves skin health, and helps fight fatigue.

Basically, this Korean drink is like a quick pick-me-up in a bottle! It contains essential B vitamins that give you extra energy and also a temporary fix during your peak busy schedule.

Meanwhile, Vita 500 ZERO offers the same benefits without the sugar, making it a great choice for those watching their intake. Not only that, but it’s also super tasty and refreshing. Hence, it will be easy to incorporate this famous Korean multivitamin drink into your daily routine. That way, you can immediately acquire that healthy boost in dire times.

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, the sale of Vita 500 ZERO is currently still limited to Kwangdong’s official store and several marketplaces only. But let’s help you find them nonetheless, along with other famous Korean beverages from Kwangdong.

Vita 500 ZERO

Korean drink Vita 500 Zero Karina nutrition and benefits

Vita 500 100 mL

Korean drink Vita 500 Zero Karina nutrition and benefits

KWANGDONG Vita500 Daily Stick

Korean drink Vita 500 Zero Karina nutrition and benefits

Kyung Ok Ko Premium Korean Herbal Suplement

Korean drink Vita 500 Zero Karina nutrition and benefits

Ginger Ssang Hwa Jin Herbal Tea

Korean drink Vita 500 Zero Karina nutrition and benefits

Pomegranate Korean Collagen Peptides Jelly Stick

pomegranate collagen stick

Jujube Ssang Hwa Jin Herbal Tea

jujube tea

Finally, please note that the Korean healthy drink only offers a temporary fix to assist you during your peak schedule. In order to live a healthy life, you must still formulate healthy habits. This includes maintaining a healthy diet as well as regular high-quality sleep and exercises.

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