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Korean Hair Routine That You Need For Dealing With The Summer Heat

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We first introduced you to the Korean hair routine last year. Now that the summer is here does the same routine work in hot weather? Well, yes, with a few tweaks, you can keep your hair healthy through the popsicle season.

First of all, for newbies, the Korean hair routine is similar to the 10-step Korean skincare routine. Koreans take their hair routines as seriously as their skincare routines. That’s why there are tons of products like hair essences and even sheet masks for your hair.

What makes Korean Hair Products special?

Korean hair care is all about using lightweight oils and hair essences. As compared to American hair products, Korean hair products have a lighter formula.

Unlike American hair products, Korean products have mostly natural formulations. They have floral and lighter scents that come from their ingredients. Because of the natural ingredients, the quality of the hair products is also excellent.

Korean products target scalp health, while American hair products focus on hair health. Koreans believe that the scalp is the first thing to work on. Scalp treatments and exfoliators are an essential part of the Korean hair routine. In the absence of scalp maintenance, you can get dandruff, itchy scalp, and even other undesirable scalp conditions.

As a bottom line, Korean hair care focuses on prevention while American products focus on manageability.

Korean Hair Routine for Summer

Slather on a Nourishing Hair Mask!

It delivers the much-needed strength, shine, and softness to coax your hair strands back into smooth, silky condition.

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TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack is a creamy hair mask that hydrates and provides nutrition to dry hair. It can defeat stubborn hair frizz and also smoothen split ends. The Korean hair product hydrates the scalp with its innovative technology and high-quality ingredients. The funny part about it is that it looks just like a mayo bottle!

Seal the Damage with a Lightweight Oil!

If your hair feels like the Sahara Desert, a hair oil will help you combat the dry situation. You can get frizz-free super moisturized tresses.

korean hair routine

Nature Republic Argan Deep Care Hair Essence can improve dry and damaged hair, split ends, or even frizzy hair. It stimulates, soothes, and heals scalp and hair follicles. The concentrated argan oil is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, including fatty acids and vitamin E.

Add Some Moisture

During summer, it is essential to switch up to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. They will gently eliminate sweat, grease, and even oil build-up without stripping your scalp of essential oils.

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Ryoe Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner improve the scalp environment to care for the root of hair loss. It can be very effective in summer as it contains Biota seed and Red ginseng that can lower the heat of the scalp.

Break Out the UV Protecting Serum

It will work wonders on moisture-craved locks and protect your strands from the sun.

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Innisfree Camellia Essential Oil Serum can protect your hair from UV damage and leave you with lustrous hair. It has a pretty floral scent with a light texture. The Korean hair serum is made from fermented camellia oil that fills holes of damaged hair and coats the cuticles. It can also repair damaged hair along with moisturizing hair.

Limit the Exposure to Heat

Last but not least, just like skincare, you need to minimize exposure to the sun. You can try cool hairstyles like top knots and buns and carry the summer boho vibe!

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While we all love indulging in our favorite Korean hair products and hair routine, maintaining healthy hair does not mean that you can’t use your favorites in summer. You just have to take into account what exactly you are putting in your hair.

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