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There is no Planet B – Sustainable sheet masks from Korean beauty brands

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Conventionally, Korean sheet masks come in single-use packaging, which generally retails under $10 approximately. Some Korean beauty companies offer sheet masks in sets of five or 10 for a higher price point. In this case, each sheet mask is still individually wrapped.

But, why can’t the sheet masks be sold in a face wipe form? A single tub housing more than 30 masks! Well, they do exist, and not only are they more sustainable, but they also make the routine of sheet masking easier than before!

The innovative face wipe delivery system for sheet masks is adopted by only a few Korean brands like Dewytree, A’pieu Cosmetics, and JayJun Cosmetics. You can pull out a sheet mask from its pouch and apply it directly to your face rather than removing it from different layers of packaging. Not only is this ideal from an application standpoint, but it also significantly cuts down on the amount of waste material generated.

Dewytree Pick and Quick Light Up Mask

Dewytree has introduced an eco-friendly packaging concept where you can get 30 sheet masks in a single tub like a face wipe delivery system. For instance, its Pick and Quick Light Up Mask features multi vitamin extract and black bee honey extract and comes with 30 masks for $23.

It has recently launched its sheet mask range in two-weeks mask set packaging. The Dewytree Pick and Quick Two Weeks Mask offers perfect skincare for two weeks, and it is priced at $12.

JayJun So Cool Mask

Next, you have JayJun Cosmetics’ So Cool Mask, which is essentially a steal deal where you can get 30 sheet masks for just $16. This mask is designed to pamper you and keep your skin calm, collected, and of course, cool and fresh! The set is ideal for 30 days of regular masking. This mask has immediate cooling effects that significantly lowers the temperature of the skin temporarily.

A’pieu Daily Sheet Mask Green Tea (Soothing)

A’pieu is another Korean beauty brand that manufactures sheet masks in multi-packs. The Daily Sheet Mask Green Tea (Soothing) can last for a month with everyday use as it comes in a packaging of 33 sheet masks for $23.

This means you can use a sheet mask every day for a month for less than $25. And, it will also reduce the overall reduce the wastage from daily use!

We are all in for the more sustainable approach to sheet mask packaging as there is no Planet B, we only have this one!

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