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Top 7 Korean Food YouTubers

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If you love watching food videos and haven’t watched any videos from Korean food channels, you are missing out. Korean varieties of food are the hidden gem of Korea and overall food culture, and the best way to see them is to follow the top Korean food YouTubers. 

You must be here looking for YouTube channels where you can watch Korean food-related content. Hence, we have compiled top Korean food YouTubers that you can check out. These channels have one thing in common, and that is Korean food. However, their style of showcasing their content is different, and each channel will give you something new.  


Maangchi is a Korean food YouTuber who started her Korean meal channel back in 2007. She has an exquisite passion for showing how to make authentic and delicious Korean cousins. Her approach to making food is mostly homemade, which is why she is one of the most popular in this niche. Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken is one of her most popular recipes of her. Moreover, she also has a cookbook named “Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking.”


If you watch food-related videos on YouTube, then you might have come across the term mukbang. It is an eating broadcast. SOF is known for his mukbang channel, where he prepares the food he will eat. This makes his videos much more interesting and informational. SOF eats everything from dessert to the main course. Moreover, he regularly tries new recipes. Above all, he also has his own restaurant, which is obviously made more popular by his channel.


This one is for those who want to learn how to cook delicious Korean dishes. Honeykki does not show her face because she has a unique style of making her videos. Her step-by-step instructions are simple and easy to understand. On top of that, her dishes always have beautiful preparation. 

Seonkyung Longest

Seonkyuyng Longest is a well-known YouTuber as she has been featured on Fox’s MasterChef. In addition, she has also won Food Network’s Restaurant Express. However, YouTube is the place where she shines the most. She has distinctive Korean recipes, such as the spicy chicken stew. Lastly, she has created a comprehensive Korean food playlist called “Life in Korea.” The playlist consists of varieties of delicious Korean meals. 


Gabiekook has a charming and welcoming personality that you will want to learn about recipes that you may never make. She always gives you this warm welcome to learn various Korean recipes. Her recipes can be anything from traditional to more out-of-the-box dishes, and watermelon Spicy Cold Noodles is one of the unique dishes she has presented in her channel.


She shows you a variety of Korean food and informs you about Korean culture. Aside from the cultural aspects of her channel, she does not show traditional recipes but more modern Korean food. She has a unique personality which you will see in her quirky manner of showing and reviewing dishes. People who are interested in SweetandTastyTV should check out the video where she and her sister eats the Korean bingsoo. It is like a shaved ice dessert mixed with soju.


TheSquishyMonster, which Angela Kim runs, showcases classic and traditional Korean dishes on her YouTube channel. On her channel, she is popularly known as “TheSquishyMonster,” hence her channel name. Creamy kabocha squash porridge is unique among the wide variety of dishes she shows on her channel. In addition, you can also get a glimpse of her life by watching her short vlogs. 

Final Thoughts

The amount of food-related video viewers on YouTube is enormous. It is a popular niche worldwide, not just in Korea. That said, Korean Food culture is one of the most popular in the world. The reason is celebrities and companies marketing Korean food outside of the country. You might have heard about at least one Korean dish even if you live far from South Korea. These YouTube channels will give you so much to explore when it comes to Korean food. Moreover, you might want to try out one or two dishes from Korea after watching these channels of the top Korean food YouTubers.  

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