WaterStation by K-WaterCraft – A Green Hydrogen Power System from Korea

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K-WaterCraft WaterStation from Korea is here to make a statement in the ever-growing hydrogen industry.

Check out the self-contained power generator and supplier through renewable energy sources. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we see sustainable energy.  

Overview of K-WaterCraft

K-WaterCraft was founded in 2019 and was immediately selected as an R&D site for Pusan National University. The company was also selected as an investment company as well as the establishment of institutions. In 2021, K-WaterCraft signed MOU with Global City Creation.

The company has multiple patents assigned to its enterprise. Among the several patents, the latest one is the self-contained hydrogen power system. This self-contained hydrogen power is for an electric car charging station which has a publication date of February 9, 2023. 

This system consists of a high-quality water purification system that can purify stormwater, sea water, and portable water. Moreover, it can also remove precipitates from any type of water. 

What is K-WaterCraft WaterStation?

WaterStation has everything it needs in itself and does not need any external assistance. Therefore, it is a self-contained power supply generator that generates energy through hydrogen electrolysis and Hydrogen fuel cells.

There is no implementation of an external power supply that helps WaterStation generate energy. It is solely based on the utilization of renewable energy, such as solar energy and wind turbine. 


WaterStation also has a publication treatment in its system that produces raw energy sources by obtaining water. Moreover, WaterStation also uses water electrolyzers from solar cells that produce clean hydrogen. 

The power supply generating system purifies and stores hydrogen produced through electrolysis. After that, it generates electric power with the help of fuel cells. All the generated power is then stored in a storage system that supplies electric power. 

The system is well integrated among all aspects of WaterStation to provide stability. The monitoring allows the system to identify and detect the power supply. Moreover, it also detects how stable and status of the product.

Control Panel

WaterStation comes with a comprehensive control panel that provides full control over the product. The control Panel of WaterStation includes S/C (solar cell), A/E (Alkaline Water Electrolysis), F/C (Fuel Cell), ESS (Energy Storage System), and AC 220V (Output).

K-WaterCraft WaterStation Product’s Features

K-WaterCraft WaterStation has a robust set of features and a comprehensive control panel.

  1. Front Control Panel
  2. Mesh material sides for durability
  3. A cooling fan at the back for maintaining the optimum temperature of the product.
  4. LED for indicating signals.
  5. An outlet for water for land dissipation.
  6. Heat-dissipating mesh that maintains the movement of heat from its source.

Technical Specification

WaterStation comes with a weight of 550 kg, and its dimensions are 1700mm x2000mm x1700 mm. The product comes with a fuel cell output with 3 kW output power. The company claims that WaterStation has a durability of 20 years.

System of WaterStation 

After the operation of solar cells and wind turbines that produce renewable energy, electricity is supplied to the fuel cell. This process takes place after the renewable energy sources supply the power for electrolysis. The supply of fuel cells also goes to zero external power as well. As a result, it is stated to be called the realization of complete energy independence.

The first process includes the water source, which is secured through water intake and purification treatment. After that, hydrogen production and storage take place. In this process, electricity is produced via solar cells and wind turbines to initiate electrolysis. It generates power, and the produced hydrogen is stored in the storage. 

The last stage is energy generation and utilization. All the power generated by WaterStation is stored in the battery. The storage is managed by a battery management system and supplies to areas efficiently. 


K-WaterCraft WaterStation uses water to generate its power, and it is an energy-efficient practice. On top of that, there is no cost of fuel since water is its fuel. The process is renewable and has a virtuous cycle that generates eco-friendly energy.

The independent nature of WaterStation to self-contained all of its energy makes it a powerful tool for companies. It’s a one-time installment product since companies can use it for 20 years. K-WaterCraft constantly challenges sustainable and eco-friendly practices that hope to make the world healthier. 

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