Xcan: The Smartest Car Mount from A Korean Startup

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Xcan is the smartest car mount from a Korean startup that will wirelessly charge your device, auto-navigate, and hold your phone in place at the same time.

It is impossible to drive somewhere effortlessly as many things get in the way before hitting that accelerate paddle. From plugging your phone into your charger to opening the navigation app, you do not get to enjoy a fantastic experience in your car.

Xcan is here to ease out all the struggles you go through every day inside of your car. 

CNA Overview

Based in New York, Korean startup CNA started the Xcan project back in April 2019. This start-up company has conducted many tests to ensure the safety and convenience of using a smart wireless car mount. With a long production period, and campaigns to schedule the development of the device, the company has managed to launch the product in 2020.

CNA has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, 1452% more than what they initially targeted. The company was looking to raise $7000 on Kickstarter. In addition, they have average daily backers of 21.8, which means that plenty of people trust this company and what they are making. 

Xcan Smart Wireless Mobile Phone Charger Car Mount and Auto Navigation

Xcan is a smart car mount connecting smartphones via NFC and auto-navigates the vehicle. In addition, it charges the phone wireless while doing its primary operations. The FOD (foreign object detection) sensor built inside the mount also detects hand motions and automatically releases the phone into the mount.

It’s time to get rid of your old phone holder and long, tangled charging cables. With Xcan, you can plug and play and drive your car without distractions. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone because of the superior FOD sensor recognizing digital signals. 

So, What is Xcan?

Just put your phone in the right place of the holder, and the mount’s wing will automatically close in and hold the phone. After that, you simply push the release button to lose the grip of the holder.

Xcan has an impressive automation feature that allows the car mount to release your phone when you turn off your car, and it takes away the unnecessary step of turning off the mount as well. It is these little details that make this device one of a kind.

It is always a hassle and a burden to carry around a charger when you only have one. In addition, the tangled cables add up to the misery of using a charger. However, you do not need to bring your charger to the car and go through this nightmare again. With Xcan, your phone not only auto navigates but also wirelessly charges your phone. It is a 2-in-1 device that allows you to navigate and charge your phone with just one step.

The design of Xcan lets you rotate the device 360 degrees freely and face the phone in any direction. In addition, you can adjust the distance of the car mount from where it is attached. For instance, if the mount placement is a little far for you, you can adjust the mount holder’s length to put it closer to your vision.

Xcan App

Xcan is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. You can adjust the settings according to the operating system of your phone. In Android, Google Maps is the default navigation map, and in iOS, it is the Apple Maps app. While navigating, you can also do other things like playing music, checking notifications, etc. Xcan works in iPhone XS and above android smartphones with Android 5.0 or above.

How does it work?

Xcan works with NFC technology and FOD sensor so that the device can wirelessly transmit power. Wireless charging takes more frequency bands than NFC, and as a result, it is hard for NFC to get sufficient electric power and send information to your phone.

Xcan is designed to use NFC as a way to charge the phone wirelessly without draining the battery due to the power needed to use NFC. 

Final thoughts

Xcan is a must need device if you own a car. Your life in your vehicle will improve drastically, and the convenience Xcan brings to the table is worth every ounce it costs. Just put your phone, and you are good to go. Navigate to where you want to go, and you don’t even have to worry about charging the phone. The shipping of Xcan has already started, and they ship worldwide. So what are you waiting for? Order one for yourself today. 

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