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5 Best Korean Gummy Candies to Savor Your Sweet Tooth

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Korean gummy candies stand out for their delightful chewiness and versatile flavors, ranging from sweet to sour. They’re far from mundane, with each pack offering vibrant colors and tastes. With such popularity, it’s not a surprise that gummy candies have served as the inspiration behind Gentle Monster’s latest eyewear collection.

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Top Picks of Korean Gummy Candies

Here is our carefully curated selection of some of the best Korean gummy candies readily available on local stores or online.

Ilkwang Green Tea Gummy Candy

For lovers of green tea, this candy is a treat not to be missed. Infused with the essence of green tea, these Korean candies taste great and offer benefits like anti-inflammatory properties, brain health support, and cardiovascular health enhancement despite their sweetness. The chewiness and flavor of these gummies also make them appealing to kids.

Lotte Jellycious Jellies

These gummies come in a variety of fruit flavors and boast a juicy, satisfying chew that mimics the experience of biting into fresh fruit.

Haribo Gummy Bear

Haribo is actually not a Korean brand. However, its gummy bears have won over local enthusiasts with their unique taste and lower calorie count. Korean artists, like Taeyeon, also loves this gummy candies. The variety of flavors, including pineapple and lemon, provides a chewier texture than most gummies. Chewing these gummies is also believed to help alleviate tension in the head and shoulders.

Orion’s Gummy Candy

Gummy lovers should not miss the chance to try Orion’s My Gummy. These gummies set themselves apart with a hint of fruit juice, making for a distinctive taste experience. The candies are shaped like the fruits they represent, with the peach flavor, in particular, being a favorite for its sweet taste and charming heart shape.

Crown’s MyChew Delight

Often referred to as jelly by Koreans, Crown’s MyChew is a standout treat that boasts an impressive range of flavors, including apple, orange, grape, peach, and strawberry. The strawberry MyChew offers a sweet burst of flavor. Meanwhile, the apple variety delivers a crisper and refreshing taste.

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