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Popular Korean Snacks You Must Try At Least Once

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Snacks are a perfect companion for when you are lazing around, watching movies on Netflix, or just relaxing. It’s like, snacks elevate the whole experience! Korean snacks make for a delightful pastime when hanging out with your friends. They are tasty and addictive.

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Korean snacks are no different. Koreans have some of the tastiest snacks. These snacks have been enjoyed by generations of Koreans all around the globe. There are so many choices, so many brightly colored, attractively packaged snacks for you to munch on. And most importantly, all are easily available in many countries.

Orion Choco Pie with Marshmallow Cream

Choco Pie is simply the Korean quintessential snack. This simple snack is made from chocolate, cake, and marshmallows – all the best things in life! It is available everywhere, and you can have it at any time of the day.

choco pie korean snack

Crab Chips

This snack focuses on the divine goodness of crunchy chips with the flavor profile of crabs, which is both slightly sweet and salty. This is simply a bag full of flavors that you will definitely end up finishing in one sitting! It is just the deliciousness of crab packed in very convenient packaging.

korean snacks crab chips

Korean Sweet Cakes (Yakgwa)

This traditional Korean cake is made from only three ingredients – honey, wheat flour, and sesame oil. They are light and flaky in texture and can fulfill your craving if you are looking for something sweet. Taste-wise, they are something like a glazed donut.

korean sweet cakes

Pumpkin Monaca

If you love the pumpkin flavor and everything that comes with wintery weather, then this snack is simply perfect for you. It has a rice-based biscuit on the outside, and the inside is filled with thick and sweet pumpkin goodness. It is quite sweet, so a single piece will be enough to give you a quick sugar fix, which is why they come in individual packaging.

korean snack pumpkin monaca

Pepero White Cookie Sticks

This is one of the Korean favorite snacks where the Pepero, a cookie stick, is coated with white chocolate and cookie crumble. It is like a Hershey’s cookie shaped in the form of a stick. You will be a fan if you like Oreos or Cookies and Cream ice cream.

pepero korean snack

Honey Butter Chip

The infamous “Honey Buddha Chips” have been around since before the release of Mystic Messenger. While the name and combination of flavors might not seem appetizing, the chips themselves are simply amazing! And they smell like butter popcorn – what’s not to love! With one bite, you’ll become a permanent fan of this particular Korean snack.

Shrimp Chips

It is also one of the popular snacks in Korea, like Crab chips. They have no shrimp per se, but the simple ingredients – flour, starch, and oil –  are used with shrimp seasoning to make a delicious snack. The name is slightly a misnomer as they are shaped like French fries rather than chips.

korean snack

Haitai Grape Candy

This sweet and sour flavored grape candy tastes just like a Concord grape. It is simply delicious.

Banana Flavoured Snacks

These fluffy corn snacks are packed with the flavors of banana that simply melt in your mouth. They are healthier snacks with zero trans fat, so you won’t feel guilty about munching them.

banana korean snack

Enjoy these delicious Korean snacks right from the comfort of your home and enjoy some K-drama!

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