DearU Bubble: The Best App to Interact with Your Favorite K-Pop Stars

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Download DearU Bubble App to receive personal, fun, and private messages from your favorite Kpop artist such as TWICE, ITZY, EXO, Red Velvet, and more.

K-Pop is ruling the charts worldwide, and the magnitude of their fandom proves it. The people who follow this genre of music will do whatever it takes to take a look at their stars. Imagine the frenzy that gets created when these fans get to chat with their music idols. Several South Korean music companies have mobile-based apps that allow artists and fans to exchange messages. While some fall under the paid category, many others do not charge anything for these interactions. 

What is DearU Bubble?

SM Studio owns many record-breaking music groups in South Korea. To get their fans a better show and make them feel involved in the lives of their idols. SM Studios came up with DearU Bubble. This company is the backbone of the platform and helps fans develop communities. This platform came to life in 2020. It allows private messaging between the idols and their fans. DearU has approximately 150 artists, which come from 13 agencies. The number of users on this platform accounts for millions already. Statistics show that 68 percent of the users of the DearU Bubble kpop app do not live in South Korea. 

In a recent acquisition, JYP Entertainment got 23.3% shares of the DearU Bubble app from SM Studio. The artists under both banners come on the DearU platform with this collaboration. While SM Media holds the title of a Medium Business Company, JYP entertainment still falls under the Blue-Chip Companies segment. It means that JYP entertainment has profits under its belt, and this collaboration will surely help SM Media as well. 

How Is It Different from Weverse?

DearU Bubble is venturing into a competitive market, and one of its biggest opponents comes in the form of the platform Weverse. The other platform belongs to HYBE.Co., owner of the famous pop group BTS. With the Fandom of BTS and other pop groups, Weverse has done well for the company and crossed the 1 trillion won mark in valuation. To a newcomer, both these platforms may seem alike; there is a minor difference between them. 

You can get access to chat with your K-Pop idols, but it comes at a price. However, they will reply directly to your messages only once the fee is paid. However, Weverse is free as of now. The latter also allows artists to post anything they feel. It is like a scrapbook where you can pen down your feelings, and people can read them. 

DearU, a Korean kpop app, is more like a broadcast list where people who have paid for membership get to see a message from the artist and then reply. Another difference between these two is the artists you can find in them. 

DearU Bubble has artists from SM Media and JYP Entertainment. Some of these include TWICE, EXO, Stary Kids, and more. Weverse has stars from HYBE. Co. and YG entertainment. These include BTS, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, and BLACKPINK joining in soon. Therefore, selecting a particular platform depends on the idols you have. 

In the End!

The DearU Bubble brings a smile to every K-Pop fan’s face. They get to chat with their idols twice a day for a minimal fee. If you are a fan of K-Pop and wish to know the skincare secret of the fashion brand of your favorite artist, get your subscription to the kpop Bubble app today and get chatting. 

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