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Easy ways to try Korean stone nail art trend

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Korean nail artists are creating new trends and people all around are following them. <link> Stone nails are one of the most popular nail art trends in Korea. They will simply amp up your manicure and make your nails look gorgeous. This manicure style has been popular in Korea for over ten years! It has been in and out of fashion and it has definitely evolved over seasons. The stone nail art is the in-trend this fall.

Stone nail design typically features large gem-like stone on the nails. It is a part of a bigger nail art trend in Korea called ‘nail parts’. All 3D objects are included in this, including jewels, pearls, and any other items, that can be placed on nails.

There are so many variations in the stone nail art that you can try on. You can always modify the design based on your preferences and choices.

Here are some designs that you get inspired by!

The Classic

A large simple jewel is placed on the nail. It is one of the most popular and commonly seen stone nail art types. Some people also like to use this style on their toenails.


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It is an evolution of the classic into a more ornate or blingy style. In this, several stones are mix-and-matched to create a unique look.


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This is a nail art style that combines innovation and creativity. This style generally uses a temperature-sensitive, colour-changing nail gel with pearls for decoration.

Under the Sea

A summer trend that featured seashell designs. Nails are transformed into oceanscapes by combining larger wave-like parts and smaller ornaments as shells.

Infinity Stones

For all the Avenger fans out there, this is a Thanos-inspired multi-coloured jewel nail art design.

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