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Forget Shade Hunting, Robots Do It Better: The Futuristic & Personalized Makeup Experience In Seoul

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AMORE Seongsu,¬†a flagship store in Seoul,¬†uses AI to create personalized makeup,¬†perfectly matching your unique skin tone.¬†Discover how robots and AI create custom foundations,¬†offering over 150 shades and finishes.¬†It’s a revolutionary experience for anyone seeking flawless makeup!

Imagine a world where makeup is custom-blended just for you, taking into account your unique skin tone and preferences. At AMORE Seongsu, the flagship store of Korean beauty giant Amorepacific, this futuristic experience is now a reality.

AI Meets Makeup: Personalized Foundations at TONEWORK

Nestled in Seoul’s trendy Seongsu neighborhood, AMORE Seongsu offers a glimpse into the future of beauty. Forget limited shade ranges ‚Äď here, AI technology steps in to create personalized makeup, redefining skincare and cosmetics.

The highlight of the store is TONEWORK, a dedicated space where AI analyzes your skin and creates a custom foundation to perfectly match your tone.

A Personalized Experience

Reservations are recommended for the custom Hera foundation service at TONEWORK, where you can consult with makeup artists for expert advice. But even without a reservation, the store offers numerous AI-powered tablets. Simply scan your face, and the technology will suggest matching products on the spot.

The process begins with ensuring a clean base. After you enter your information and select your skin concerns, you can see the magic happen with AI analysis.

The Science Behind the Perfect Shade

Using the Skintone Finder, a unique tool developed with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), the AI assesses various aspects of your skin. This innovative device measured factors like brightness, yellowness, and pinkness, all captured through photos.

Based on the data,¬†the AI will recommend a specific shade ‚Äď a perfect neutral match – a personalized makeup product.¬†However,¬†the experience doesn’t stop there.

Refining the Perfect Match – Adding the Human Touch

Once the AI gives you the results, a makeup artist will present three additional shades, slightly lighter or darker, for comparison. While the AI recommendation is usually spot-on, your personal preference can be different. The makeup artist can help blend the options and give you the option to choose the perfect shade.

Robots and Cosmetics: A High-Tech Show

After the shade is selected, you will feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie!

A robotic arm springs into action,¬†mixing the chosen color and ingredients to create your personalized foundation.¬†This mini “cosmetics sci-fi show” involves shaking the foundation bottle,¬†applying the product with a brush,¬†and a little robotic dance. It is a testament to store’s innovative approach to attract more customers.

personalized ai makeup seoul
The Authentic Color Master by Tonework received the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the Robotics category. (Image: Amorepacific)

A World of Choice: Beyond the Limited Palette

Your custom foundation can be ready just within 10 minutes!

Gone are the days of limited shade ranges. In this AI-enabled store, you can choose from over 150 shades, each customizable with a glow or semi-matte finish, available in both liquid and cushion formulations.

An Experience in High Demand

The entire customized foundation process takes about 40 minutes, with the product made fresh on-site. Due to its relatively affordable price (around $50) and high demand, it is important you book before visiting the store. And even booking an appointment for this personalized service can be challenging due to unavailability of slots.

Global Appeal: A Draw for Beauty Enthusiasts

No matter where you are from, you are going to find the whole experience unique. And if you are planning a visit to South Korea any time soon, do add this place to your itinerary. It’s an experience that you don’t want to miss!

AMORE Seongsu is a must-visit for anyone interested in the future of beauty. With its cutting-edge AI technology and personalized approach, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience, proving that the future of makeup is both innovative and perfectly customized for you.

The Future of Beauty is Here

Amorepacific is at the forefront of integrating AI into its operations,¬†aiming to enhance efficiency,¬†creativity,¬†and the overall customer experience.¬†This extends beyond just makeup ‚Äď AI is used for data analysis in research and development, marketing campaigns,¬†and even product design.

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