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Top 5 Korean home décor gift ideas from Amazon – cute figurines

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When we think about Korean home décor, our minds take us to some cute Korean figurines that we all have seen sometime or the other. They are a perfect decoration item for your home or you can gift them to your friends and family on different occasions. So, for the coming festive season, here are some of our suggestions if you wish to buy a cute Korean figurine.

Korean Style Micro Figurines

These small, cute Korean figurines include four mini-figures. They are made of PVC material and are easy to clean. The Korean figurines can be placed on a table or bookshelf. Each figurine is different from others. They are all brightly coloured and can enhance your interiors.

Korean Folk Martial Arts Pewter Statue

The figurine is made of pewter material and it represents the Korean folk martial arts, Taekwondo. This form of martial arts is globally recognized as a sport that improves both the physical ability and mental strength of its participants. This Korean martial art form focusses on kicks and strikes with the feet which is represented in this cute Korean figurine.

Collectors Figurines Wearing Korean Wedding Gowns

The Korean figurines are freestanding dolls that can be displayed anywhere in your home. Each figurine is hand drawn in vibrant colour and they have very fine detailing. The figurines are made of synthetic marble and they represent a Korean bride and groom of the 15th century. The groom figurine has a traditional costume and holds a script and the bride figurine has the traditional gown with headwear.

Korean King and Queen Figurines

These figurines are handmade with a synthetic marble material. They have vibrant colouring and are painted as a representation of a 9th century Korean king and queen. These cute Korean figurines have fine details and they are an ideal gift option for any family event or you can buy them to decorate your home. In this set of figurines, the king wears the traditional royal gown with a crown, and the queen is wearing the traditional queen’s gown with a distinctive hairdo.

Korean Han-bock Court Dress Figurine

The Korean figurine displays Korean culture with its traditional Korean dress. Each is handmade from gypsum. The traditional Korean dress is made with silk-woven material making it look more authentic. The brightly coloured, cute figurine is a perfect addition to your home décor. It is so exquisitely designed that it can even be put in your place of business.

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