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Korean fashion: An introduction

We already crave Korean beauty products, obsess over K-pop idols and their music, and binge watch Korean dramas! Now, with us becoming fans of K-drama artists and K-pop idols, it is time to master the art of Korean fashion and style. The Korean fashion trends have become popular all over the world. And since the launch of Seoul Fashion Week in 2013, designers from all over the world showcase their designs and get inspired by Korean culture. The fashion trends are taking a turn from East to West.

The most important thing to note about Korean fashion is there is something for everyone. You could have a style that is sophisticated, sweet, preppy, or even chic, Korean fashion is bound to have something that matches your tastes. Overall Korean fashion is quite distinct, and you can identify the same with some key pieces in each dressing style.

Each outfit can give off a particular vibe. And Korean fashion style is pretty big on accessories, bold colours and patterns. And in Korea, fashion is the way of life! Just like their skincare regimen, Korean people care about the way they dress up and they are quite fashionably forward.

Here are some tips that can make you more familiar with Korean fashion trends.

Oversized clothing

It is one of the staple looks for Korean women. An oversized clothing item can be paired with anything. You can wear an oversized shirt with skinny jeans or oversized jeans with a regular top. Overflowing clothing is generally paired with something tight.


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No skimpy tops

Although you will find that Korean women wear short skirts, dresses, and small shorts, they wear nothing that bares cleavage. Even in summers, Korean women do not wear tube tops, tank tops when they are outside the house. Off-shoulder and cold shoulder tops are popular though.


You can layer your outfits with jackets, tailored blazer, and men’s shirts. You can experiment with layering by combining different elements. The jacket can be worn or it can be tied around your waist. You can even pair dresses or jumpers with t-shirts or turtleneck shirts.


They are a must-have in Korean fashion trends. All the types of skirts are common in Korean trends – a mid-length fitting skirt, short skirt, mini skirt, A-line skirt, or even a tennis skirt. These skirts can be paired with an oversized sweater or a shirt for a casual look.


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Bold colours

In most fashion styles, the outfit is generally accented with some colour to give it a pop. But, in Korean fashion, bold colours are an integral part of the outfit. The whole outfit can be of a single colour like yellow, blue or purple. For some variation, the shades of the same colour can create an outfit.


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They are the most essential part of Korean fashion culture. Accessories take your outfit to the next level by making them more interesting. You can accessorize with common items like earrings, necklaces, and glasses, or you can accessorize with elements like a loosened skinny tie or even a fanny pack.


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@billieeilish wearing SCON GR1 at Zurich openair 2019 ⠀ #gentlemonster #gentlemonsterSCON #billieeilish

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Unstable shirt

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