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Cool Down Quick: Korean Pouch Drinks & Ice Cups to Rescue

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Discover the coolest Korean pouch drinks and ice cups for a refreshing treat. Dive into a world of icy flavors perfect for beating the heat!

When the weather starts sweltering in summer, you just want something cool and icy. Korean pouch drinks and ice cups are like the magical treats that will help you deal with the intense summer heat.

What are Korean Pouch Drinks & Ice Cups?

Korean pouch drinks and ice cups are preferred by locals in Korea because of their convenience and deliciousness. These drinks are quintessentially Korean – easy to get, convenient, budget-friendly, and can be had on-the-go.

Korean Pouch Drinks

They are single serve beverages packed in a plastic pouch and comes with a straw. The pouch drink phenomenon started in 1970s due to rapid industrialization. Though, what you will find now in convenience stores is much different. The existing pouch beverages, in their current form, started in 2005 with coffee, followed by many other drinks.

Now, they come in many flavors – different coffee flavors, variety of fruit juices, and some local drinks like yuja-cha and sikhye.

Korean Ice Cups

Korean ice cups are completely different from pouch drinks. They are small cups that are completely made of ice and filled with a drink of choice. As the ice gradually melts, it becomes more cooler and refreshing.

Just like Korean pouch drinks, ice cups also come in variety of flavors. So, whether you like the classic cola or are a fan of fruity grape, you’ll find an ice cup in your preferred flavor.

Why are they so popular?

There are quite a few reasons why locals love these beverage options.

  • they are super convenient
  • compact and portable
  • flavor options are endless
  • mix the two to get a refreshingly cold beverage – you can pour pouch drink into ice cup!
  • budget-friendly (a few thousand Korean Won or just a couple of US dollars)

Where can you get Korean Pouch Drinks & Ice Cups?

The best option is to buy them from convenience store. So, if you are in Korea, you will find them everywhere, but anywhere else in the world, you can check out your local Korean convenience store. And of course, you can find some options on as well!

Korean Convenience Store Drink Pouch Sampler Set

korean pouch drinks & ice cups

CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Pouch Drink

korean pouch drinks & ice cups

Korean Convenience Store Coffee Drink Pouch Sampler Set

korean pouch drinks & ice cups

Korean convenience stores, or “c-stores” as they’re sometimes called, are legendary for their unique and delicious snacks. Imagine ditching the chips and candy aisle for these icy cold beverages! Just imagine the possibilities of all the flavor combinations waiting to delight your taste buds!

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