Get Online Access to the Best Korean TV Channels: Watch Your Favorite Shows and Dramas Real-Time!

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Where do you usually watch your Korean dramas and TV shows? Netflix? Amazon Prime? Do these video platforms cover everything you wish to know about South Korea? Absolutely not, indeed. What if we tell you that you can now access some of the best authentic Korean TV channels online? Yes, prominent Korean broadcasting networks like KBS and MBC have opened their doors so you can watch your favorite shows, dramas, and news stories in real-time!

Watch Your Favorite Korean Dramas, Shows, and News Stories in Real Time!

Yes, it’s true that global media platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime feature some of the best Korean dramas and TV shows. Not only that, but the rising awareness of Korean programs in creating and monetizing their YouTube channels has resulted in a wide variety of content for global K-wave enthusiasts.

However, there are still limitations in the platform’s available programs. After all, the main objective of this content was to direct viewers to watch the series and shows airing on the original TV channels.

So, is there any way to watch all these Korean dramas, TV shows, and news stories through the TV channels online?

The answer is yes!

Today, some of the most prominent South Korean TV channels finally made themselves available to access from your mobile gadgets. Today, we’re going to let you know where to access these channels so you can get exclusive tickets to your favorite Korean dramas, TV shows, and new stories and finally watch them in real-time!

Best Korean TV Channel Available for Online Access

KBS World Mobile

Korean TV channels to watch korean dramas online

KBS stands for Korea Broadcasting Network. This channel is basically the official national TV channel in South Korea.

Opening its channel to a worldwide audience, KBS now presents its KBS World Mobile, your go-to app to watch the latest Korean dramas, variety shows, and news. This app lets you stay connected to Korean culture and entertainment in real-time. It provides easy access to live broadcasts and exclusive content right from your phone.

KBS World TV

Korean TV channels to watch korean dramas online

Along with KBS World Mobile, KBS also has another app dedicated to the best streaming experience, KBS World TV. This is one of the best Korean TV channels you can access online to watch Korean dramas and various TV shows with the best HD-quality experience. And that is incredibly exceptional if you prefer watching them from your home entertainment devices!


Korean TV channels to watch korean dramas online

In addition to KBS, one of the most prominent Korean TV channels you must frequently encounter is SBS. SBS stands for Seoul Broadcasting System, a leading Korean TV and radio company famous for its programs, including SBS Inkigayo and Running Man.

Today, you can access all these amazing programs in real-time using the SBS TV app. But please be patient, as this app features multiple ads that can be annoying sometimes.


Korean TV channels to watch korean dramas online

Indeed, the big 3 of South Korean TV channels would not be complete without MBC. As one of the premium leading Korean TV channels, you can now watch MBC dramas, shows, including Show! Music Core and Radio Star are available through its mobile app.

Unfortunately, MBC’s online app will only be available for some regions. Therefore, you may want to use VPN if you reside in places excluded from MBC’s list.

Yonhap News TV

Korean TV channels to watch korean dramas online

One of the Korean major TV channels to check out for updated news stories is Yonhap News. With Yonhap News TV app, you will be able to keep yourself updated with everything about South Korea. This app is packed with real-time news, live broadcasts, and in-depth reports.


YTN mobile app

If you’re into keeping up with the latest news from South Korea, you’ve got to check out YTN. YTN, short for Yonhap Television News, is South Korea’s first 24-hour news channel. Originally part of Yonhap News’ subsidiaries, this channel became independent in 1993, and it has become the go-to source for real-time news updates.

The YTN app offers news updates in real-time. Therefore, you can access live broadcasts, breaking news alerts, and in-depth coverage of politics, the economy, and more. This app also features a user-friendly interface, allowing quick navigation and personalized news feeds just for you.



Another best of Korean TV channels you must definitely check out to watch dramas and TV shows is TV CHOSUN. Indeed, TV CHOSUN features some of the best Korean dramas that are often underrated, including “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)”. Therefore, some of its best series might not be available on global video platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Today, TV CHOSUN offers exclusive apps that you can download via Google Play and Apple App stores. By accessing TV CHOSUN’s app, you will be able to access and watch all these underrated Korean dramas anywhere, anytime!


arirang TV mobile app

Finally, long-time fans of South Korean culture must have been familiar with Arirang TV. It is one of the first Korean TV channels to bridge Korea with the world, offering unique insights into Korean life and promoting cultural exchange through its multilanguage programs.

If you love everything about Korean culture, stories, and literature, you can now access its real-time updates through ArirangTV mobile.

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