MINDLiNG: Personalized Digital Mental Health Solution by 40FY from Korea

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Explore MINDLiNG by 40FY, an AI-powered app offering personalized digital mental health therapy and mindfulness tools. Improve your well-being today!

In today’s fast-paced society, people often find themselves overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. As a result, it is taking a toll on their mental and physical health. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, mindfulness and meditation have become popular methods of stress reduction and mental well-being. The 40FY MINDLiNG app is the ideal answer for anyone wishing to introduce mindfulness and relaxation into their daily life.  

What is 40FY’s MINDLiNG?

Founded in 2020, MINDLiNG is a mobile application offering digital mental health therapy. It offers personalized diagnoses for its users. Moreover, by using this app, users will be able to practice mindfulness and relaxation. MINDLiNG, with its various features and capabilities, may help you achieve inner calm, decrease tension, and boost attention. Woo-Ri Mun, the CEO of 40FY Inc and the visionary behind MINDLiNG, believes this tool can benefit people without access limitations. 

Trustworthy mental health experts have contributed to the creation of MINDLiNG. Specialists from the Department of Psychiatry at Seoul National University are using their knowledge to create this personalized mindfulness mental health app. They specialized in systematic psychological theory, and developers have put that information in MINDLiNG. 

MINDLiNG provides their experience through artificial intelligence. AI is developing and showing signs of emergence in the psychotherapy industry. Users can engage in conversations with AI virtual therapy in a manner that simulates human interaction. The company claims that AI virtual therapy will provide a unique conversation based on what the user is typing. Woori adds that their app has an information-based personalization feature enables natural conversation. 

MINGLiNG by 40FY also received CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps category.


The MINDLiNG app has various tools to assist users in achieving their mindfulness objectives. Here are some of the primary features of the digital mental health AI powered therapy app:

1. Guided Meditation

MINDLiNG provides guided meditations to assist users in relaxing, increasing attention, and reducing anxiety. The program includes several meditations that appeal to all levels of meditation expertise, from beginning to advanced.

2. Adjust Timers

MINDLiNG by 40FY Inc provides configurable timers that allow users to create their own meditation times. Preset timers for 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes are also available on the app.

3. Personalized Dashboard

The MINDLiNG app, a digital mental health AI powered therapy app, includes a personalized dashboard that records your progress and provides insights into your meditation practice. You may also use the dashboard to create reminders and track your mindfulness activities.

4. Daily Inspiration

MINDLiNG provides daily inspiration to help you stay inspired and focused on your mindfulness journey. Quotes, affirmations, and short stories are among the everyday inspirations.

5. Mindful Breathing activities

MINDLiNG provides mindful breathing activities to assist users in controlling their breathing and reducing stress. These exercises contain a variety of breathing methods, including square breathing, box breathing, and others.

6. Sleep Sounds and Stories

MINDLiNG provides a variety of calming sounds and stories to assist users in relaxing and falling asleep more easily. Nature sounds, white noise, and peaceful sleep stories are among the sounds and stories available.

Advantages of MINDLiNG

Using the MINDLiNG app can provide you with a variety of advantages, including:

1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction

MINDLiNG provides a variety of guided meditations and breathing exercises that can help decrease stress and anxiety.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you focus on your mental well-being by giving daily ideas and reminders to practice mindfulness.

3. Better Sleep

MINDLiNG provides sleep noises and stories to assist you in falling asleep sooner and sleeping better.

4. Improve attention span

MINDLiNG by 40 FY can help you enhance your attention, leading to higher productivity and overall performance.

5. Reduce blood pressure

MINDLiNG’s meditation and breathing exercises can reduce blood pressure and a stronger immune system, improving your general physical health.


Overall, MINDLiNG is a fantastic tool for anybody interested in improving their mental and physical health via mindfulness and relaxation practices. MINDLiNG’s different features and functions can assist you in finding inner peace, reducing tension, and increasing attention. So, why delay? Download MINDLiNG now to begin your mindfulness journey!

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