Soom: A New Meditation Experience with Real-Time Feedback

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Meditation is a powerful tool used for centuries to calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Many organizations and cultures promote this art of releasing stress and anxiety from the mind. It is a practice that improves your patients and dedication. As a result, it gives benefits that are well worth the effort. With the growing popularity of meditation, new technologies are putting their efforts into this practice and trying to enhance it. One such technology is Soom, a new meditation experience that provides real-time feedback. Moreover, the fusion of technology and meditation will make it more accessible.

Samsung C-Lab programs look at various aspects of our life, including our health and well-being. Keeping these in mind, this in-house venture from Samsung came up with Soom. It is one of their four inventions from C-Labs Outside. The product was seen in a separate exhibition zone by Samsung during CES 2023. Soom and other inventions caught the attention of many media outlets at CES. As a result, C-Lab has won 29 innovation awards in CES 2023, making it a popular venture in Global-stage.

Overview of Samsung C-Lab

Soom was created as a component of Samsung’s C-Lab program, which aims to encourage original thinking and assist businesses. The program assists entrepreneurs in transforming their concepts into marketable goods by offering them tools and coaching. Soom is only one of the numerous items that have grown out of the program and are becoming increasingly well-liked among meditation practitioners.

The C-Lab Programme from Samsung is a special project that promotes creativity and entrepreneurship. It offers budding entrepreneurs the tools, guidance, and capital they require to transform their concepts into marketable goods. Many ground-breaking innovations, notably Soom, have benefited greatly from the program. Samsung is fostering innovation in the ICT sector and improving society by offering a welcoming atmosphere for entrepreneurs. The C-Lab program is proof of Samsung’s dedication to encouraging creativity and innovation and serves as an example for businesspeople worldwide.

What is Soom?

Soom is a novel meditation tool by C-lab Inside that has real-time feedback capabilities. It improves the meditation experience while guiding the user to have an optimal meditation session. The product comes with a headband with proprietary sensors. Moreover, it also has a mobile app offering instructions and feedback. 

The sensor monitors brainwaves and provides the user with immediate feedback. The mobile app uses this feedback to direct users and offer tailored suggestions for enhancing their practice. Users can use their mobile to get real-time feedback and receive guided meditation.

Soom’s capability to assess heart rate, breathing patterns, and not just brain activity is one of its special advantages. Additionally, the gadget features a vibrating feature that gives the user tactile input while they are meditating, assisting them in staying aware and concentrated. This all-encompassing strategy offers a more holistic perspective on the user’s meditation practice and aids in their quest for a deeper comprehension of their body and mind.

No matter how much you may neglect the use case of meditation, this technology will make you want to use it. On top of that, Soom is simple to use and open to everyone. The mobile app also behaves in a way that matches the user’s tastes and goals. The gadget offers a straightforward and useful tool for anybody wishing to further their meditation practice and can also be utilized without the app.


Soom has the potential to revolutionize the way we see meditation. As a result, it can provide benefits to individuals at an immense level. 

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