Neubility Last-mile Delivery Service using Self-Driving Robots

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The emergence of self-driving robots has completely changed the logistics sector by offering effective and affordable solutions. Neubility, a Korean startup has made substantial progress in creating its delivery robot, Neubie, is one major contender in this market.

Today we will explore the delivery robot from Neubility Last-Mile Robotics and the organization that created it. Neubility stands out from other competitors in the autonomous delivery robot sector with its commitment to hardware and software development. By adopting a comprehensive strategy, Neubility ensures that sophisticated software systems back their robots and are outfitted with cutting-edge hardware components. Because of the seamless integration of hardware and software, Neubie can execute deliveries rapidly with accuracy and dependability while navigating challenging urban situations and identifying things. Businesses can easily manage and optimize their delivery processes using Neubiego as the system’s backbone, thus increasing the efficacy and efficiency of their logistics operations.

Overview of Neubility

Neubility is a Korean startup introduced during Samsung C-Lab’s startup demo day. It is a rapidly growing startup in the field of robotics delivery. Neubility is known as RaaS (Robotics as a Service). 

The term “last mile” describes the last stage of product delivery or human mobility, and it has gained enormous significance due to the explosive expansion of e-commerce. The pioneering business Neubility, which specializes in autonomous last-mile delivery, has drawn praise for its creative strategy for overcoming difficulties encountered by the logistics sector. With Neubie, its main product, and the delivery platform service that goes along with it, Neubiego, Neubility has established itself as a pioneer in the quickly developing field of autonomous delivery robots.

Neubility, with its headquarters in South Korea, has been at the forefront of creating the fundamental technology for its delivery robots. The business has concentrated on hardware and software for deep learning-based object identification. They are essential parts of autonomous and intelligent robots. Neubility seeks a seamless connection between the robots and the intelligent software that drives them. Lee Sang-min, CEO of Neubility, aims to integrate experience in both hardware and software development.

Features of Neubility

With its cutting-edge delivery robot Neubie and all-encompassing platform service Neubiego, Neubility provides several amazing features that improve the efficacy and efficiency of autonomous last-mile delivery. Let’s examine some of Neubility’s salient attributes:

Autonomous Navigation

Neubie by Neubility is capable of navigating intricate urban situations on its own. It can safely navigate sidewalks, pedestrian spaces, and roads while adjusting to various barriers and traffic situations. The sophisticated sensors and clever algorithms allow the robot to navigate its destination seamlessly.

Object Recognition

Neubility uses deep learning-based object identification methods to recognize and interact with its environment. Thanks to this technology, it can identify and avoid obstacles, providing safe and secure navigation throughout the delivery procedure.

Efficient Delivery Route

The delivery platform service, Neubiego, has features for route optimization. To maximize the efficiency of the delivery routes, it analyses real-time data such as traffic conditions, delivery locations, and time limits. This improves overall cost-effectiveness by cutting down on delivery time and fuel use.

Real-Time Tracking

The delivery procedure is tracked and observed in real-time by Neubility. Each Neubie robot in a company’s fleet may be tracked, ensuring visibility and transparency throughout delivery. Additionally, real-time monitoring enables prompt resolution of any problems or delays that may develop.

Intelligent Task Allocation

Based on the proximity, availability, and workload of the Neubie robots, Neubiego automatically assigns delivery duties to Neubie robots. By effectively distributing supplies among the robots, this function maximizes the robots’ use and reduces downtime.

Seamless Integration with Business Systems

With existing company systems and procedures, it provides easy integration. Businesses may quickly integrate Neubility’s platform with the existing order, inventory, and customer relationship management systems through APIs and software integrations, easing logistics operations.


Neubility is advancing itself and its products into robot delivery services. On top of that, they are following the trends on social media and e-commerce sites to understand customer purchasing behaviors. Soon Neubility will deliver goods in public places such as restaurants and airports.

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