Verses: A Meta Music System Offering a Unique AI-Enhanced Experience

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Explore how Verses, an AI-powered meta music system in the metaverse, transforms how we interact with music, creating immersive and personalized experiences.

AI and the metaverse are becoming integral parts of our lives. Today we will look at a specific area where AI is evolving through Verses. With AI and metaverse, Verses showcases a music player that provides a new music experience. Let’s dive deeper into the world of the metaverse and learn about Verses. 

What is the Verses Music Player?

Verses is a meta music system that surpasses your average media player. To differentiate it from the ordinary players, Verses take place in the metaverse along with interactive features. It is an interactive metaverse music app that gives you a new level of control over your library of music. As a result, you will be able to experience music through the innovation of AI and metaverse. 

Since Verses users will listen to music in a virtual space, they will be able to discover hidden music inside the metaverse itself. Every piece of music that users listen to through Verses will have the artist’s unique touch to it. Users can experience the unique mind or personalities of their favorite artists through this AI music player.

Verses is one of the Korean startups supported by the Samsung C-Lab Outside program and an award-winning CES 2023 Best of Innovation honoree. The program provides workspaces, R&D support and expert advice to these startups. Fortunately, Verses is one of them, and they have been rigorously working on their interactive metaverse music app. 

The Evolution of Media Consumption

The way we consume media has not significantly evolved since its inception. So it is safe to say that there is a lack of innovation in media, particularly in music media. We are okay with the way we interact with music with just the “Play” and “Pause” buttons. It seems convenient, and no one is even complaining about it. However, the people at Verses want to revolutionize the world of media. So they are introducing the next generation of experiencing media through the advancement in the metaverse.

New Generation of Experiencing Media

Verses introduce us to a new world of metaverse and music. It provides a listener-led music experience that has never been done before. We just play music on our mobile devices or desktop with little to no interaction. With Verses, you have the opportunity to explore music in the metaverse. In other words, you will be able to interact with your favorite artist’s music. Moreover, Verses empowers users to create their own art, effectively becoming musicians themselves.

The interaction happens through touchscreen displays of mobile or motion recognition television. Meaning, Verses is compatible with smartphones and TV with gesture control features. You touch certain parts of the visuals and the music, and it will react accordingly. The music playing on Verse will come alive and give an immersive listening experience. 

What is the Goal of Verses AI Music Player?

The goal of the creators of Verses is to change the meaning of music. More importantly, their goal is to change how we perceive music at mass. The progress of shifting music into a materialistic concept is the objective of Verses. Verses do not want you to only listen to music but to feel it, see it and touch it.


Verses is a part of the C-Lab Outside program, which has won the Best of Innovation award. Moreover, Verses has the support of many global companies and governments. Its technology is also a verified technology. The program, C-Lab, that incubates Verses has also won 21 Innovation Awards Honoree among all their projects. 


To kick off the new generation of music, Verses has partnered with talented K-pop artists. These artists are already working on music that fits with the properties of Verses. Users will be able to get a new music experience from these K-pop artists. Sumin, Hitchhiker, Fisherman and Vian are some of the artists that users will see in the Verses. 

In the end

Having the ability to control every aspect of a song is something that is not prominent till now. However, with the evolution of AI and metaverse, Verses is setting a new benchmark for all music media players. The virtual space of Verses provides endless ways to interact with music. On top of that, the ability to have your own creation with Verses is impressive. 

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