Wrtn Technologies – An AI & NLP-based Writing Assistant

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wrtn technologies

Wrtn Technologies, a Korean B2B startup company, is developing AI-powered writing tools based on Natural Language Process (NLP). It is basically giving users another option in the ever-growing AI-powered chatbots, but more optimized to Korean culture.

Overview of Samsung C-Lab

Samsung C-Lab is a cutting-edge program that fosters and encourages creative ideas and enterprises. Samsung’s C-Lab gives resources and guidance to entrepreneurs to help them bring their ideas to life, while C-Lab Outside provides resources and assistance to external innovators.

What is Wrtn Technologies?

Wrtn Technologies is an AI-based education-tech startup from Seoul, South Korea. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to help students with their essays and other applications. It uses its own NLP to convert thoughts into simple and easy-to-understand words. In other words, Wrtn is a tool that converts or transforms human thoughts into written forms. 

Many students face difficulties when trying to express their thoughts in writing. Seyoung Lee (Co-Founder) discovered this while he and his team were in an education volunteering program in Korea. This South Korean firm is on the verge of revolutionizing how we perceive education.

Wrtn Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based education platform that employs Natural Language Processing (NLP). This method of creating humanlike phrases and sentences increases the efficiency and efficacy of language instruction. Surely, this project can improve the world of computer science regarding IT companies. On the other hand, students can have a comprehensive learning experience in their institutions. 

The company will initiate its first demonstration stage by asking students to use the application. By analyzing student replies and giving personalized feedback, the platform helps students learn more effectively. As a result, the feedback will further improve the features of Wrtn technologies. This novel method of language learning can potentially transform how we learn languages.

Samsung’s C-Lab Outside programs contain several projects, including Wrtn Technologies. All these projects have common fundamentals that fuel the growth of their ideas. These programs offer vital assistance and resources to entrepreneurs. Moreover, they assist in bringing their ideas to life and having a beneficial effect on the world.

The idea of Wrtn Technologies came into existence because of the emergence of AI. In addition, the use case and how AI can benefit anyone’s creative endeavor also motivates the creator. Seyoung Lee believes that AI and its uses in education will have a significant impact in the future. He is also proud that they are at the summit in the field of generative Ai. Lastly, he is very grateful for the CES innovation awards due to technological inventions. 


Samsung’s C-Lab and C-Lab Outside programs are significant efforts that foster innovation and creativity. Samsung is advancing development and positively influencing the world by encouraging businesses like Wrtn Technologies. We can look forward to a future full of exciting new technologies and discoveries with the ongoing support of programs like C-Lab and C-Lab Outside.

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