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On Hope – Creating K-Beauty Products with Best Calming Fragrances

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OnHope is the latest Korean lifestyle brand under the Amorepacific umbrella centered around the functional effects of fragrances in self-care and wellness!

The vastness of the Korean beauty industry is beyond comprehension. All its brands offer unique products, which immediately get fans swooning. One parent brand that holds many smaller ones under its umbrella is AMOREPACIFIC. This company has roots in Korean tradition and believes in creating the best beauty products from natural products. They now have a new brand called On Hope which focuses on fragrances. With this, they want to create an atmosphere of wellness in your life. 

On Hope

Wellness and self-care encompass essential aspects of health. The new generations believe in treating themselves with the best of products and only hi-tech pieces of equipment. They focus on the wellness of the mind and the body. AMOREPACIFIC took up the challenge of providing its loyal fans with a range of fragrances to incorporate into their daily lives. The idea behind the brand comes from promoting scent-rituals, which is a recent craze amongst millennials. The mindset is gradually shifting from physical fitness to mental sanity, and people want to use the calming effect of scents to achieve tranquillity. With relationships becoming thin and emotional stress on a high, the use of fragrances for calming one’s mind is the need of the hour.

Products in the New On Hope Range

Amorepacific introduced three exclusive fragrances: aromatic citrus, richly floral, and powdery floral scents. Its instructions guide users to use them once they come back home and need to unwind. The three different scents were selected based on people’s preferences and surveys. They make creams, liquid soaps, and lotions with these fragrances.

Besides containing the scents, the soaps come with a formula that maintains the pH of your hands and keeps them soft. The cleaner is thorough and leaves the skin feeling nourished yet clean. Every product in this range comes infused with the unique Relaxing Complex System of AMOREPACIFIC. This system incorporates Aloe Vera and Primrose oil in every product that makes skin soft. This combination makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin and does not cause rashes or redness.

The Way Forward for On Hope

K-Drama, like K-Beauty, holds a massive millennial fan base. Their global popularity and fans follow everything their K-Drama starts to do in real or reel life. Harnessing this energy from their fanbase AMOREPACIFIC enrolled Ahn So-hee, a former K-pop star and actor, to become their brand ambassador. It was a smart move as the people who follow her are also the target audience for On Hope. Not only is she their brand ambassador, but she also works as its creative director. Her love for fragrances makes her the ideal contender for this position. 

In the End!

While this brand is still exclusive to South Koreas, AMOREPACIFIC plans on expanding it to more countries. On Hope marked its presence on the AMOREPACIFIC’s Korean webpage only from July 2021, and its fans can get access to it on the NAVER Smart Store as well. If stress is a part of your life and you wish to relax and destress at the end of each day, get these products. You will experience tranquillity calmness, and it will recharge you for the next day.  

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