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Top 10 gift ideas for fans of Korean drama

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Korean dramas have taken over our binge-watching sessions. With the easy accessibility provided by Netflix, Korean drama shows have become more popular amongst the youth. Series like Crash Landing On You is easily available on Netflix worldwide and it is skyrocketing in its popularity.

So, for the ever-lovable K-drama fan in your life, here are the top 10 gift ideas for any occasion.

Dream High Boxset

It is a popular Korean drama about six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming Korean music stars. It is a fun and entertaining Korean drama that is loved by everyone.

box set

Cute Korean drama T-Shirt

A T-shirt to love! Instead of Netflix and chill, it is a minimalist t-shirt with a cool “Korean dramas are my therapy.” With all the drama in the K-drama shows, you aren’t going to need any more therapy!

kdrama t-shirt What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim K-drama soft toy

It is soft plush and squeezable toy that is perfect for cuddling. This cute toy was featured in Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Ultimate Korean snack box

This snack box will be a perfect accompaniment for binge-watching the Korean drama boxsets that you plan to gift.


The K-POP dictionary

It is a dictionary of essential K-drama and K-pop words and phrases with a pronunciation guide. This dictionary will help you understand more of what your favorite Korean stars are saying.

Korean drama mug

A fun mug that any Korean drama fan will appreciate! The design is featured on both sides so that it is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

kdrama mug

K-drama doorknob hanger

This mini-door knob hanger makes an excellent gift for Korean drama fans. You can put it outside your door and show off your love for the K-drama!

A Korean Dynasty Plush Doll

The plush monkey is representative of Lee Seung-gi from A Korean Dynasty. The plushy has a lovely and lazy expression. The detailing is exceptional on this toy, which makes it look quite premium.

The Greatest Love Boxset

For a newbie Korean drama fan, The Greatest Love is an excellent choice. It is a romantic drama about a struggling musician and a famous movie star who get involved and fall in love.

kdrama box set

Goblin Plush Boglegel Doll

Another cute stuffed toy that was featured on Korean drama, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Anyone who watches the series is bound to appreciate this cute and cuddly soft toy.

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