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Top 5 traditional Korean furniture sold on Amazon to spruce up your home interiors

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Traditional Korean furniture differs from other furniture pieces and it is easy to identify. The grain of the wood used to make the furniture differs greatly from all other furniture.

Korean carpenters put a lot of importance in creating beautiful pieces while maintaining the inherent beauty of the wood during the making process. Since ancient times, they avoid using objects like nails to hold the wooden pieces together as nails can damage the nature and beauty of the wood. The wooden pieces are held together by natural grooves, pegs, holes, and segments. The completed Korean furniture looks like an artwork – elegant and beautiful, and it is also functional.

Here we are listing the top 5 traditional Korean furniture available on Amazon. You can easily acquire these to spruce up your home interiors!

Korean Antique Style 3 Drawer End Table Cabinet

It is a cabinet that can serve as a nightstand, end table, or even a lamp table. This cabinet has a dark-stained, fine-grain finishing of the wood that is hand rubbed. It comes with an authentic antique style medallion hasp, strap hinges, corner fittings, and handles. All these components are made from authentic oriental hardware. The cabinet has a convenient drawer and cabinet space for storage.

Korean Antique Style 16 Drawer Medicine Chest

This style of traditional Korean furniture was typically used by pharmacists and doctors. Its small drawers made a perfect space of storing herbs and other ingredients. This style of chests does not have many decorative elements as it is designed for functionality. It has a beautifully grained, walnut stain wood finish. There are other types of Korean medicine chests with drawers ranging from 60 to 200.

Korean Antique Style Coffee Table Low Chest

The coffee table low chest is made of fine-grain wood, Elmwood. This gives the surface a rich dark stained finishing. The whole construction of this furniture is sturdy. The fittings used in this chest are authentic style made from antiqued brass hardware, like a lucky brass finish lock and key. As it can also be used as a coffee table, the drawers and cabinets have access built on both sides of the table. So, you can use it as a coffee table or a low chest along the wall.

Rosewood Korean Tea Table

It is a classic tea serving table made of 100% kiln-dried Elmwood. The table has a hand-rubbed matte lacquer finishing. This coating is done at least 5 times to give it proper surface finish. This table can be a fashionable accessory in your home giving it a slightly rustic flair. The Korean tea table is lower than other tables as in Korean culture, people sit on the floor while having tea.

Korean Tansu Style 13 Drawer Buffet Server

This can be a buffet table, server table, sideboard, or a credenza. There are 13 beautifully crafted drawers and a bigger centre cabinet compartment. It is made from a handsome dark stained and fine-grained Elmwood. Just like other traditional Korean furniture, it has oriental style brass medallion hasp, hinges, corner fittings, and handles. The server comes with a lucky brass fish lock and key. All the components are made from authentic antiqued brass hardware. This table can be a perfect addition to your dining room as a buffet server table.

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