Unimom – A Popular Choice of Breast Feeding Products from Korea

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Unimom, a Korean brand, has become a popular global choice of breast feeding products because of its high-quality standards, affordability, & eco-friendliness.

Today’s market is filled with thousands of different brands dealing in different categories of products. Whether it’s clothing, makeup, or anything else, you can easily find many brands that deal in the desired product. The same is the case with baby feeding products, and it’s said that what you eat is what you become. When it comes to babies, then it’s necessary to provide all the possible attention to their food. You need to be very cautious while feeding them, whatever you feed them should be of the finest quality, and most brands do not ensure this quality. That’s where the Unimom comes in. 

All About Unimom

Mr.Sang Hyun Hong founded Unimom in the year 2011. Unimom is a South Korean brand that deals in baby-feeding products. The main aim of Unimom is to make it easy for every parent to provide the best food for their babies. There are lots of different products available on its official website. All these products make the work of every parent as easy as possible. The best food for a baby is breast milk. It’s considered best because it has the most nutrients and digestive properties that every baby should get. The WHO has stated that breast milk reduces the chances of obesity by up to 25%. Through its products, Unimom ensures that breastfeeding can be as easy as possible. Its products, such as breast pumps, milk storage bags, and cleansers, allow every parent to feed their babies comfortably. 

Best Products by Unimom

Minuet – Electric Breast Pump

Unimom’s Electric Breast Pump is one of the latest products in the Unimom store. As mentioned earlier, Unimom aims to make breastfeeding as easy as possible for every parent. The new electric breast pump comes with seven massage-level modes, making it easy and stress-free for every mother. Nine expressing mode levels also prevent pain in your breasts and allow efficient pumping. It’s specially designed to mimic the baby’s way of eating from their mother. Since it’s completely electronic, there’s no need for manual effort. It comes with a rechargeable battery that’s inbuilt into the pump. Minuet – Electric Breast Pump has improved its backflow prevention to provide you and your baby with the best hygiene. It also has some other comfortable features, such as an LCD screen, good suction strength (Hospital-grade), USB supported charging system and an Optional silicone massager.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Predicting a baby’s appetite is very difficult, especially for newborns. Still, it’s also very difficult for every mother to breastfeed their baby all the time, but Unimom has the best solution. Unimom’s Breastmilk storage bags are the most hygienic and safe for storing breast milk and keeping it fresh for a long time. These special bags come with special leakproof quality and a flat base that prevents them from falling and keeps them straight. Marks repenting quantities are built on it, making measuring the quantity of milk poured into it easier. Most of the breast milk storage bags in the market do not provide a leakproof guarantee, but that’s not the case with Unimom breast milk storage bags.

Foaming Baby Bottle Cleanser

Breast milk is very nutritious, and to maintain its nutrients at its best, the most important thing we need is a clean bottle. Unimom aims at making the breastfeeding procedure as hygienic as possible. Hygiene is most important for both baby and mother, so hygiene maintenance should be the priority for every product from all baby brands. Many of the brands fail to do so, but Unimom has solved this problem with its Foaming Baby Bottle Cleanser. It’s a special product that is specially built for cleaning baby bottles that have been used for storing and feeding breast milk. You can easily use this cleanser with an ordinary scrub. It creates a high amount of foam, ensuring thorough cleansing and removal of harmful bacteria. This cleanser can also be used for other purposes like dishwashing.

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