Grab Your BTS “Toy Story Tiny TAN” NOW! Where to Buy?

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Imagine having two of your favorite characters merged into an epic collaboration! Your dream has now come true! In an adorable collaboration with Walt Disney Korea, BTS has released a new series of merchandise featuring their “Tiny TAN” and “Toy Story” characters! So, what kind of collaboration is BTS Toy Story, and where to buy the merchandise collections? Dive deep into the complete discussion in the following report.

Unveiling “Toy Story Tiny TAN”: Adorable Collab Between BTS and Walt Disney Korea

Korean prominent superstar BTS has formed another adorable collaboration with Walt Disney Korea for a new merchandise collection: “Toy Story Tiny TAN.”

Last week, Korean entertainment powerhouse HYBE announced the collaboration on their social media, presenting the collaboration between BTS’s “Tiny TAN” and Disney’s “Toy Story” characters.

Tiny TAN is basically the character version of all seven BTS members. Since debuting in 2020, two of Tiny TAN’s animated videos have attracted more than 200 million views. The characters have also won the hearts of fans with games, digital products, toys, and a range of licensed merchandise.

Meanwhile, Disney Pixar created the ‘Toy Story’ series, which includes four films so far and is the world’s first full 3D feature-length animation. The series, known for its touching tales of friendship among animated toys and meticulous attention to detail, has significantly impacted the history of animation.

“Toy Story Tiny TAN”: What is It About?

So, what is “Toy Story Tiny TAN,” and what are these characters about?

This new merchandise collection basically combines the Kpop phenomenon with legendary animation figures. In this collab, the adorable BTS Tiny TAN characters wear costumes that pay homage to favorite ‘Toy Story’ personalities such as Woody, Alien, Hamm, Rex, and Buzz Lightyear.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

RM as Woody

Firstly, the great leader of BTS, RM, would transform himself into Woody in an adorable cowboy costume.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

Jin as Alien

Secondly, the eccentric eldest hyung of BTS, Jin, took the role of Alien with a lime alien hoodie.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

Suga as Hamm

Thirdly, BTS’s genius producer Suga takes the role of Hamm with a cute pinkish piggy balaclava.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

j-hope as Forky

Next is BTS’s ray of sunshine, j-hope, taking the role of Forky with the white-red overall.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

Jimin as Rex

Meanwhile, BTS vocalist Jimin sports an impressive dinosaur costume as Rex.

bts tiny tan toy story merchandise Disney korea

V as Lotso

On the other hand, you might want to give BTS V a bear hug as he assumes the character Lotso.

v as lotso

Jungkook as Buzz Lightyear

“To Infinity and Beyond!” with BTS Jungkook as his Tiny TAN character would wear the costume of Buzz Lightyear.

jungkook buzz lightyear

Where to Buy BTS Toy Story Merch?

Finally, you may be wondering: where to buy these adorable BTS “Toy Story Tiny TAN” characters?

No worries! You can actually buy all these merch collections, including figures, pens, blankets, mini photo card holders, keyrings, and magnet sets, on Weverse Shop. It is a global commerce platform that sells a bunch of Kpop merchandise.

Starting from April 3, this merchandise collection has been available on Weverse US, Global, and Japan. Remember to grab your own before the stock runs out!

However, if you somehow failed to grab one through Weverse, starting next month, the Shinsegae Department Store will also make this iconic merchandise available. The collection will feature fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands.

So, grab your wallet and credit card right now before they’re running out of stock! Hurry!

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