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CNP Laboratory Features BABYMONSTER in New Commercial – Where to BUY?

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Korean skincare brand CNP Laboratory (CNP Lab) is collaborating with the new Kpop rookie group, BABYMONSTER, for upcoming commercial releases. While the brand is trying to expand its approaches to global Kpop fans, where can you get all the CNP Lab products featuring BABYMONSTER members? Let us help you find where to buy CNP Lab x BABYMONSTER products in the following curated list!

CNP Laboratory (CNP Lab) Releases New Commercial Featuring BABYMONSTER

The Korean skincare industry is seeking to grow and expand its reach into a more global audience by collaborating with Kpop idols as part of its marketing strategy. After joining hands with Kpop soloist IU, CNP Laboratory (CNP Lab), which has been acquired by LG Household & Healthcare is now collaborating with Kpop’s new brilliant rookie, BABYMONSTER.

This week, CNP Laboratory released a series of commercial videos featuring BABYMONSTER. It includes a this-or-that fun game, behind-the-scene photo shoot footage, and a special interview with all BABYMONSTER members.

By selecting BABYMONSTER as their new model, CNP Lab is expanding its presence by entering overseas markets, including China, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore. Although they may be new to the Kpop entertainment industry, BABYMONSTER has proved to be one of the most successful rookies, as seen in how impressive their Japan Fan Meeting recently.

It was only a fan meeting, but BABYMONSTER turned them into a successful concert! No wonder CNP Lab was so quick to join hands with these new rookies.

Where to Buy CNP Lab Products?

While CNP Laboratory has a vast array of skincare products, there are 7 main products featured by BABYMONSTER members.

Here’s where you can get the product:


cnp laboratory lab babymonster commercial

AFTER-RAY Cooling Sunquid

cnp laboratory lab babymonster commercial


cnp laboratory lab babymonster commercial


cnp laboratory lab babymonster commercial


cnp laboratory lab babymonster commercial


black head mask



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