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Unlocking the Skincare Routine and Secrets of Kpop Diva IU: Follow These Tips to Get Her Timeless Beauty!

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It has been over 15 years since the global Kpop diva, IU, first debuted in the Korean entertainment industry, but she just looks the same! Aren’t you curious about how she managed to stay not only brilliant and talented with her music and acting but also youthful throughout over a decade of her career? So were we! That’s why we did a little digging and finally found the secrets and tips behind IU timeless beauty, along with the skincare routine and products she has been using! So, are you ready? Let’s start with the secret to IU’s youthful and timeless beauty!

Unlocking the Beauty Tips and Secrets of Kpop Diva IU + Skincare Products and Routine

The global Kpop diva and brilliant actress Lee Ji Eun, stage name IU, has been one of Korea’s top icons of everlasting beauty. Along with Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Young, she is also famous for her timeless youthful look, as if she didn’t age despite spending a 15-year career in the Korean entertainment industry.

That’s why many fans have been wondering: what is her secret? How does IU manage to stay young in such a stressful environment, constantly demanding her to be creative and innovative all the time?

You know what? According to IU, she doesn’t really have special tips and secrets to maintain that timeless beauty.

In fact, in a video interview, IU stated that there was nothing special about her daily skincare routine. One of the most defining secrets and tips into IU timeless beauty is just it instead: the routine.

IU believes that maintaining healthy and regular routine is enough to maintain good skin condition. That’s because IU believes no matter what makeup and skincare products you’re using, it won’t be effective if your skin is dull and bumpy.

“I think living a regular healthy life is of the most important. If my skin condition is rougher and not good, the makeup will not go in well no matter how hard I try.

Therefore, I believe that keeping a regular healthy living habit is most important.”


Therefore, before going through all the hassles of choosing what products to use for your skincare routine, the Kpop diva believes that maintaining healthy habits is one the most crucial tips and secrets to getting that timeless beauty.

skincare routines, products, beauty secrets and tips of Kpop diva IU

5 Crucial Healthy Habits to Maintain for Good Skin Conditions to Support IU’s Beauty Tips and Secrets

While IU did not really specify what beauty habits she usually does in the interview, we have 5 crucial secrets to support her tips.

1. Drink Plenty of Water!

First and foremost among the ultimate tips to support IU beauty secrets is hydration! Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin moist and healthy. That way, you will be able to maintain that youthful and healthy glow. So, make sure that you drink at least 2 liters of water (64 ounces) every day!

2. Eat Balanced Healthy Food

Secondly, it is highly essential to include balanced healthy food in your daily habits. A balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will give you all the vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your skin healthy.

Also, add some options for foods that are high in antioxidants, like berries, greens, and nuts, to your meal. These are truly helpful in fighting skin damage. That way, you will be able to achieve that timeless, youthful, healthy skin like IU.

3. Sleep Regularly

While it may sound impossible, make sure that you get ample good night’s sleep every day. Why? Well, your skin actually repairs itself and regenerates new cells when you’re sleeping. By getting more sleep, you will give your skin more time to complete the process.

If your skin doesn’t have the time it needs to regenerate, it will eventually lead to dull and aged skin. Therefore, to achieve IU’s timeless beauty, one of the easiest tips and secrets is: sleep!

4. Make Time for Regular Exercise

Yes, it may sound like a hassle to actually find time between your busy schedule to go to the gym or workout studio. However, regular exercise is one of the most crucial tips and secrets to achieve youthful IU beauty.

Through regular exercising, you’re actually stimulating more blood flow to your skin. It will then help nourish the skin cells and help them regenerate more effectively. Not only that, but that sticky sweat you hate so much actually helps clear out your pores. So yeah, while it may sound like a bother, regular exercising is one of the most crucial secrets to supporting the beauty tips from IU.

5. Sun Protection and Stress Management

Finally, make sure you protect your skin from the harmful UV ray with the best Korean sunscreens. Or, you can always carry these best selections of Korean sun sticks for a more hassle-free option.

And most of all, pay attention to your stress level. While it may sound trivial, high-stress levels that happen constantly can eventually lead to issues like acne and eczema. Therefore, you can try practicing stress-reducing techniques such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing to manage your daily stress level.

Recommended Skincare Products and Routine from IU

In addition to the abovementioned tips and secrets, IU actually specifies that achieving timeless beauty and good skin condition also maintains healthy skincare routine with good products.

Since IU is a global Kpop diva with high-demand schedules, she said it was hard for her to find enough time for frequent visits to the dermatologist. Therefore, IU copes with this challenge by paying a lot of attention to basic skincare routine.

“I pay a lot of attention to the basic skincare steps.

Yes, it’s great to receive frequent skincare treatment at the dermatologist, but I can’t really do it properly due to my busy schedule.

That’s why I pay close attention to the basic skincare products that I usually apply at home.”


During the interview, IU once specifically recommends using skin ampoule products from the Korean brand CNP. And there are two kinds of ampoules she specifically mentioned: CNP Mugener Ampoule and CNP Propolis Energy Active Ampoule.

CNP Skin ampoule

“CNP Energy Ampoule perfectly fits my skin just right. I’ve been using this ampoule since long before I became a model for this brand.

Actually, many people have started using this product, too. Even my makeup artist also recommended this product to me.

So, long ago, before I became a model for this brand, I used this same CNP ampoule. It seeps lightly into my skin, and I feel that my skin becomes brighter and prettier. That’s why I keep using this product.”


Where to Buy Products in IU Skincare Routine?

At last, if you’re interested in purchasing these amazing ampoules from CNP, you can actually get them through various online stores.

CNP Mugener Ampoule

iu skincare routines, products, beauty secrets and tips of Kpop diva IU

CNP Propolis Energy Active Ampoule.

iu skincare routines, products, beauty secrets and tips of Kpop diva IU

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