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Korean pottery decorations for your home

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Korean pottery has a long history with several sought-after works produced over the centuries using materials like celadons, grey stoneware, white porcelain, and buncheong ware. Typically, Korean pottery involves decorations with plants, flowers, and wildlife. They reflect the Korean heritage with some motif from the Buddhist culture and minimalist designs from the Confucian style.

Celadon pottery

This type of ceramics were produced during Goryeo Dynasty (918 – 1392 CE). Now, you can find there are many ceramics and pots inspired by this culture. You can find these unique pieces for decorating your home. They generally have a pale-green luster like jade and a smooth, glazed surface.

Korean Celadon Glaze Semi-round Vase with Chrysanthemum Design

This vase has an inlaid crane and chrysanthemum flower inlay design. It has a voluminous form with elegantly curved lines. The flower designs patterns are placed in two diamond windows. The chrysanthemum designs are traditionally inlaid with flowers in white and stalks and leaves in fine black. The flowers are highlighted with red touches.

Korean Celadon Glaze Semi-round Vase with Crane and Cloud Design

It is an elegantly curved vase with clean lines and is made from celadon. It has a pattern of white cranes and clouds all over the surface. They are inlaid over the surface of jade-blue porcelain.

Korean Celadon Glaze Vase with Openwork Head and Chrysanthemum Body Design

The vase has a voluminous form with a wide mouth and a round spherical base. It has elegantly curved lines with an exquisite design featuring chrysanthemum flowers on the body near the base. It has a unique design at the top with half circle edges.

Korean Celadon Glaze Vase with Fish Design

This vase has a shoal of minnows swimming towards the clear jade blue like a river. They curve towards the mouth of the vase. The fishes are vividly inlaid in the traditional technique of black and white slips and appear as though they are alive. The vase itself has a voluminous spherical design.

Korean Celadon Glaze Semi-round Vase with Lotus Flower Design

The semi-round ceramic vase has a design with two windows which contain lotus flowers. These flowers are inlaid with red copper paint highlights and traditional white slip flowers and fine black stalks and leaves. The lotus is the symbol of Buddha’s seat and Western Paradise.

Korean Celadon Sgraffito Vase with Peony Flower Design

The vase has a design made from traditional sgraffito (bakji) technique. The full bloomed peony flower on the surface of the vase is inlaid in traditional white with red copper accents. The fully blossomed peony represents wealth and nobility.

Korean Celadon Glaze Vase with Wave Design

The vase has a voluminous spherical shape with a design that harmonises traditional with modern. This ceramic water jar has a decoration of wave patterns with dramatically curved lines. It looks like the waves move across the entire vase body and it gives a feeling of an abstract painting.

Korean Celadon Glaze Vase with Inlaid Ten Creatures of Longevity Design

It has a representation of traditional 10 creatures of ancient Korea, sipjangsaeng. The 10 creatures are inlaid over the ceramic surface. They represent the sun, stone, water, cloud, pine tree, deer, bulnocho (‘herb of eternal youth’), turtle, crane, and mountain. The vase has a voluminous shape with a small opening at the top.

Korean Celadon Sgraffito Vase with White Chrysanthemum Flower Design

The vase has a round globe-like shape with a small mouth. There is a cluster of chrysanthemums that are fully bloomed. The flowers are represented as if they are overflowing from the jar’s mouth. The chrysanthemum flowers represent fidelity and loyalty.

Korean Celadon Glaze Vase with Peony Flower Design

The ceramic flower bud vase has a shape similar to a blooming morning glory flower mouth, pleated skirts in the foot and a melon with eight round sections in the body. All the components are harmoniously balanced, and the mouth has a flower petals design. On the alternating eight panels, there are peonies and chrysanthemums inlaid in traditional white and fine black.

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