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Top 5 Korean home décor gift ideas from Amazon – Korean wedding ducks

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Mandarin ducks, also known as wedding ducks, are the ultimate symbol of love and marriage in Korea and other Southeast Asian countries like China and Japan. Mandarin ducks symbolize love, peace, fidelity, and plentiful offspring. These ducks mate for life and are monogamous. A pair of mandarin ducks is often given as a wedding gift. Not only as a gift, but the wedding ducks also play a significant role in a Korean wedding ceremony.

In traditional wedding ceremonies, the ducks are wrapped in a cloth and their heads and neck are left exposed. The wrapped ducks are placed on a table where the ceremony is to be performed when the bride arrives. After the wedding, the ducks are unwrapped and are placed prominently somewhere in the couple’s home.

In earlier Korean customs, the man who wanted to marry would gift pairs of live geese or mandarin ducks to the family of the prospective bride. This later changed to giving hand-carved wooden ducks. In modern times, the mandarin wedding ducks are mass-produced and they are even considered souvenirs by the tourists who visit the country.

Traditional Carved Wedding Wooden Duck

The wooden ducks are carved from solid wood. For finishing, they have neutral wooden shades of brown. They are well crafted and are a perfect gift for a wedding.

Celadon Glaze Mandarin Duck

This pair of wedding ducks are made of celadon ceramic material. The ducks have elegantly curved lines that make them look perfect for home decoration. With its mysterious colour that matches the colour of the sky after a rainstorm in an autumn afternoon, this pair of mandarin ducks is a perfect gift option.

Traditional Colourful Carved Wedding Wooden Duck

The wedding ducks are uniquely carved, and they have a beautiful colourful design over the wooden surface. This style of painting originates from dancheong, which is the art of painting buildings and temples with bright colour patterns. These wooden mandarin ducks symbolize a happily married faithful couple.

Traditional Lucky Big Size Wooden Wedding Mandarin Ducks

This set of brilliantly coloured handmade wedding ducks symbolizes affection and fidelity. They are a great gift option for a couple or simply as an item of home décor. The wedding ducks come with ribbons generally placed on the beaks of the ducks.

Mandarin Ducks for Love & Fidelity

This set of wedding ducks is made from resin. They symbolize happiness, fidelity, and love. The ducks are nicely painted and have a shiny surface. The mandarin ducks can be gifted to a newly wedded couple or they can also be used for home decoration.

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