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Curated Best Korean Food And Snacks From Korean Snack Box

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Korean Snack Box gives you a monthly curated best Korean snacks. These snacks are packed in a lovely Korean silk bag giving you the full Korean experience. With each box, you can expect to try the tastiest and most popular snacks from South Korea. These high-quality snacks include candy, caramels, chips, cookies, chocolates, and jellies.

Types of Korean Snack Boxes

They are excellent gift options for anyone interested in K-pop, K-drama, or only Korean culture. Each box costs $19.95 a month (for Medium Korean Snack Box) and $25.95 for a Large Korean Snack Box. You can take a subscription-based where you can get a Korean Snack Box every month. It comes in two different sizes – Medium and Large.

What’s inside the Box of the Month?

The content varies for each Box of the Month. For example, the March 2021 box is about the White Day while the February 2021 box celebrated the Valentine’s Day.

Snack Boxes

Along with the monthly snack boxes, there are some pre-made snack boxes that you can get without any subscription. Some of these boxes are Candy Jelly Box, Cherry Blossom Box, Just Pepero Box, Chips Box, and Choco Box. There is an option of choosing Random Box with two possible sizes, 0.5 lbs and 1.0 lbs, where you get a set amount of Korean snacks.

None of the boxes contain meat products such as beef jerky or similar. Some snack items might contain gelatin.

Why K-snacks, candies, and chips are so popular?

Korean snacks, or K-snacks, have become more popular worldwide with the increasing global interest in K-pop (Korean pop music), K-drama (Korean TV drama), and K-beauty (Korean beauty and makeup).

The most common reason for the increasing demand for Korean snacks is that all the snacks are made from high-quality ingredients. As compared to other snacks, e.g., U.S. snacks, these contain lower levels of sugar, salt, and fat content. With these snacks, you get to experience delicious new snacks in thoughtful combinations and well-balanced flavors.

Korean Snack Box Giveaways

The company offers unique giveaway options multiple times during the year.

Customer Reactions and Reviews

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