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PLINIC – A Smart and Handy Beauty Device from Korea

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Since time immemorial, everyone has wanted to get the fountain of youth to keep them young forever. While that search is still on, the closest technology to this legend is plasma therapy. In this therapy, energy as plasma enters the skin that heals it from within. With more pollution, dirt, and stress, wrinkles now develop from an early age. While a cosmetic procedure using plasm is expensive, many companies are in line to make home-based economic plasma treatment devices. The PLINIC is one such device from the company G1 Partners. Co. Ltd. This miracle device solves all your skin problems.   

G1 Partners and Its Product

G1 Partners is a South Korean company that makes the device PLINIC, and the company came up with this name because it uses ‘plasma’ to treat skin conditions like a dermatological clinic. But you can use this device in the comfort of your home and without help. G1 Partners. Co. Ltd. company saw the light of day in 2015, and Sungkyun LEE is its President. The employees of this organization are highly skilled and come with experience from the famous brand, Samsung Electronics. They know the techniques to harness plasma into a handheld device and to manage the product. 

A firm line of sales professionals and planners makes this company a global success. The PLINIC is G1 Partners’ flagship product selling in Australia, the USA, and the Philippines. G1 Partners uses distribution channel partnerships to reach out to all its foreign clients for selling its products. This company also makes living kitchens and home furnishings and is actively looking at AI to improve its portfolio.

What is PLINIC?

Plasma is energy that is created by lighting a gas with ions, and energy produced is then channelized through a substance onto the skin. The device made by G1 Partners is called PLINIC, and it manages the skin by improving its status. The three layers of the skin experience wear and tear, and as you age, the top layer thins out, exposing the underlying pigmentation. Also, skin loses elasticity with age, resulting in fine lines and a saggy appearance. 

The PLINIC uses plasma to work on each skin concern and rectifies it. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars going to a demagogical clinic to get plasma therapy. Now you have the PLINIC that will solve your problems at home. The device is available in two colors, rose gold and purple, with a white body. The head of the apparatus has two domes that house the gas used to create plasma. Once you switch the machine and touch the dome surface, you can see the plasma in action.

The working mechanism of this device sends the plasma waves, as heat, directly to the second layer of the skin. This layer is where all the dirt, germs, excess oil, and pigmentation sit. The heat from PLINIC is strong enough to remove all impurities from the skin and promote collagen development, and it does not burn or cause any harm to the skin. The new collagen increases skin elasticity. With regulated and prolonged usage, you will see deep-seated acne disappear. 

This device will make your cosmetics and skincare products absorb faster, the skin will rejuvenate, and crow lines will disappear. It also acts as a massager with its rhythmic movement on the skin. The PLINIC has a visible blue wavelength which kills all P. acne bacteria and thus protects the skin from microbial damage. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver on the face and uplifts the jawline.

To Wrap It Up!

The PLINIC is a miracle device that is bringing the latest technology up to your doorstep. Knowledgeable employees of G1 Partners. Co. Ltd made the product through research. You will not have to worry about facial skin issues anymore. Buy your PLINC and look as young and fresh as your favorite celebrity.

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